With the every passing day, technology is taking a dynamic shape and is adding value to the business domains plus infusing a little bit innovation and automation in the traditional dimensions of the information technology industry.

One of those technologies that already made a mark of it in 2017 is IoT and the peripherals associated with it are increasing in the form of smart homes, smart cities, automated business process and much more. Now talking on a broader note, the dependency on the IoT is bound to increase in the foreseen time.

Owing to the immense experimentation and automation, the world has already begun to witness a huge number of connected devices. As per the report published by Forbes, around 55% of the companies are already using IoT for executing the business operations. As per the study published, there are more than 25 billion IoT devices that are connected; therefore, in this post, we will be shedding some light on the trends that will be given a new birth by IoT for enriching businesses.


  • Digital Twins

So, you might be wondering what they are. Well, digital twins are the tool for enhancing the business operations with the aid of digital data. With the help of former technique, the business can easily peep into the operations that are taking place in the physical and the digital world; precisely the entrepreneurs can differentiate between both the types of data.

If they take the concept, at a bit higher level digital twins help to interpret the physical data and optimize it too as per the user requirement. It can even help in committing the changes to the overall code development that can be used later.

Do not think that this is the end of digital twins since it handles the client interaction, it helps a lot in reducing down the operations costs in the enterprises. Some of the tech giants that are already using digital twins are Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM etc.


  • Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is sharing impressive visibility when it comes to security. Shielded by the high encryption standards, it is extremely beneficial in handling the IoT processes that are taking place.  Well, let me guess if you are struggling to figure out what exactly what role blockchain will be playing in executing the IoT activities, then here is your answer ready.

It will largely aid in addressing the security implementation, till now the blockchain was accompanied with the Bitcoin, but due to its secured infrastructure, the adoption of former technology in the IoT concept is escalating at a rapid pace.

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  • High Automation

IoT is the next big name for imparting automation. The businesses are most likely to be impacted with the IoT for enhancing their overall operations and it also helps in magnifying business propositions. According to a recent survey, around 70% of the businesses are already onboard for implementing IoT in their business and the figures are still continuously increasing.

Owing to the tough competition existing out there, businesses have begun to realize, that in order to sustain in this hypercompetitive world, IoT is must to adhere to. It helps in framing the guidelines for the business operations, reduces the unnecessary risk, adds security, cut down on the operational cost and very important helps in bolstering the overall employee efficiency.


  • Enhanced security

This is certainly big news for the business. IoT development will now be helping them to address the security challenge that occurs in the midst of the operations or the interaction. Since the IoT sets the virtual connection between the devices, electrical gadgets, appliances etc, the chances of data breaches and cyber attacks decrease down.

As per the recent survey, almost 25% of people are aware of the number of devices that are connected and round 40% of them know the security-related policies for IoT. Thus, in such a scenario, IoT comes out the greatest medium for handling the security-related issues.  Giving regular updates to the devices, servers, and software is also the justified solution for handling the security.


  • More and Smarter Cities & Homes

This is the term of which the users are already aware of. The concept of the smart home and cities already gained a fierce momentum in the year 2017 with the devices such as Alexa Home.  Most of the countries are ready to embark on the concept of developing smart home and cities.

Since we are talking about the smart homes, here the people can control and monitor the appliances, gadgets and every other device connected to the network. This helps in saving the electricity consumption.

In case of smart cities, the users manage the problems related to parking, hospitals, traffic,  street lighting issues, waste management and much more so as to save energy.



Now since the technology is taking a continuous evolving shape, the businesses are bound to witness few changes in the IT domain and among those set of technologies, IoT is a major game changer. With the every passing day and the changing years and calendars, the IoT will keep on offering us the major trends so as to revolutionize the business and the daily ecosystem.