IoT Application Development

Time to connect your things and innovate your business with well-designed and robust IoT services.

IoT Application Development

With technology evolving at a great pace, the way we interact with devices has evolved tremendously. It is the time when Internet of Things (IoT) has completely taken over, and how we interact with devices is undergoing a major paradigm shift.

At Octal Info Solution, we are motivated to develop and design applications that can connect with your products, such as home appliances, medical devices, and industrial equipment to the IOT mobile apps.

This enables cloud service platform to empower you with remote monitoring and communication. We have a knack to create dynamic and robust mobile & enterprise solutions that support the ever changing hardware.

Offering: IoT Solutions

Understanding the wider possibilities of app communication to IoT devices we offer highly scalable and secure IoT Application Development solutions for your business enterprise.

IoT - Smart Homes

Transform home efficiency and management with (IoT)

Be it setting the air conditioner at the optimum temperature or managing home lighting based on human presence in rooms, we, at Octal Info Solution, make constant efforts for making your ideas and imagination come alive . With our astute IOT mobile solutions you can save on energy bills as and can produce smart data and monitoring the gadget performances and setting up the time schedules. .

IoT - Smart Retail

Deliver impactful, personalized shopping experiences.

Internet of Things (IoT) is making things easier for people while it has also transformed the way interaction took place between humans and devices. Now, this technology had a positive impact on the retail industry as well. Our solutions in this industry range from product tracking with RFID, Sensor-based items tracking, Interactive digital signage screen, utilizations of beacon to offer a personalized mobile experience to the customers, and a lot more.

IoT - Connected Cars

Enhancing the efficiency, safety & experience inside the car.

The automotive industry has the potential to become an IoT champion among other industries. At Octal Info Solution, our services are highly scalable and can easily handle a plethora of connected vehicles simultaneously. At the same time one can automatically balance out peak loads in cloud service usage.

Unlocking the Potential of Internet of Things With Our Quality IoT Solution

Lets Begin!

IoT - Health & Medical

Move towards a significant transformation

Our specialist developers have put in their earnest efforts working with healthcare systems to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. We have expertise in fitness and activity tracking, medication adherence, remote health monitoring, and personal emergency response to monitoring patients who are a fall risk.

IoT - Smart Manufacturing

Enable real-time visibility

Improve operational performance with smart solutions created by our IoT developers. Inventory management, Attendance, QA, and Assembly line maintenance can now be managed easily with IoT being there for your rescue. With us it’s easier to monitor, manage, and alter their entire production process.

  • Simplify Operations with Streamlined Manageability and Analytics
  • Real Time Asset/Equipment Tracking & Management
  • Enhanced Protection with Multilayered, End-to-End Security
Why Choose Octal IoT Services

Through our innovative approach in development we conserves you with the right solutions in any of these domain verticals:

DATA Analytics

  • Data Process and Analytics


  • Machine Learning


  • 4G LTE

  • Wireless

  • NFC

  • Ethernet

  • GSM Network

  • Bluetooth

Supported Protocols

  • HTTP

  • UDP


  • MQTT

  • TCP

  • XMPP

  • CoApp

  • AllJoyn

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS

  • Windows Azure

  • Google Cloud

  • IBM Bluemix

Driving forces for IoT

  • Miniature Boards

  • Sensor

  • Power Connectivity

  • Cloud Sync

Web Services

  • RestFul service

  • OAuth Authorization services

  • SOAP services

  • Thing API ***



  • Alljoyn

  • HomeKit

  • Brillo

  • Thread

  • Weave

  • Nest

Operating Systems

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Windows 10