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Web solution for the new web needs
RubyOnRails is one of the most preferred technologies in the domain of web application development. Being so well-arranged and technologically so sound, RoR is highly considered as a worthy competitor of existing established frameworks. Easy to use application format does not make it sacrifice the key features in any given situation.

At Octal Info Solution, we have certainly a brilliant connection with the resources and functional elements that come with RubyOnRails. Our developers are all-equipped to serve you with great benefits using RoR, especially when it comes to surfacing the online Shopping and Community ideas.

Our RubyOnRails developers have a profound knowledge in the domain of web development. Our team keeps on experimenting with the latest web dynamics and functional practices to make concerned idea reach best of its potential. The approach and the orientation adopted here make sure that nothing is missed in designing and deriving a wholesome concept that drives the feel and soul of the solution inclusively.

Connecting with custom needs

We are able to do a lot in the direction of consumer driven goals by utilizing the modern features of RoR and making best combination of actionable entities work together in building the modules. We stand ahead of time when it's about characterizing and channeling the original features in a way that they work best with the required custom plans.
Through our ranging expertise in RubyOnRails web development, we have not just delivered websites for individual or business purpose but also built solutions at community level.
Modularize Templates

Store reusable code and
modularize templates
Customized and Search Engine Friendly

Customized and Search
Engine Friendly URL
AJAX functions library

Extensive library of
AJAX functions
Code with new query engine

More flexibility in your controller
code with new query engine
Detailed error logs

Detailed error logs
Libraries for common tasks

Libraries for common tasks
Database access library

Database access library
Stronger XSS protection

Stronger XSS protection
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