The landscape of the food delivery had gained the massive acceleration with the time. Well, who would like to take the pain of standing in the queues waiting for their delicious food? Simply, no one, and so to allow the food-savvy generation to enjoy their yummy meals at the doorsteps, the food delivery industries are constantly taking the steps for meeting the growing user demands.

The evolution of Food Development Industry had left all the business verticals spellbound and many of them are embarking on the same, for making huge turnovers.

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The developments in the food industry as of now is unstoppable, so keep reading the post for exploring the new trends that will take place, in this year.


  • More and more consumers will make online food delivery orders

The trend might not be surprising, but yes it is true.

According to a report, around 28.6 million people requested the orders for getting the food at the doorsteps. To continue, more than 20% of the population orders food at least once a week, and around 50% of population orders once the month.

The graph for the food delivery services is increasing with the every passing day, thus the number of the users will rise, is expected. Needless to say, food delivery mobile apps are making it all the way very easy to order the food with just a few clicks.

As per a recent study, not only the food delivery industries had gained momentum, food delivery mobile app development is also not behind in the race. The businesses with the fully attributed food mobile apps are continuously in the way of providing efficacy in their prevailing food delivery models and strategies.

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  • In-house and third party deliveries solutions will be in major competitive zones.

Third party food delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEATS had actually given an unorthodox ecosystem for delivering the food. They can be said as the major threat to the in-house delivery solutions that are meant for the particular restaurants.

According to a report in 2015, around 120% of the growth rate was witnessed in the home delivery sales for the restaurants serving full time. They have been majorly impacted by the third party apps and figures will continue to grow in the coming years.

The cafes or the restaurant that served the people with the lavishing dining options, when they visited their place are now helping their users to get their favorite meals at the doorsteps. Thus, paving the way for hysterical competitions, as both of them will be trying the best to serve the users with the maximized service levels.


  • Delivery droids and AI solutions with coming into scene

Technology is evolving with the every passing day, thus propelling the food delivering industries to serve with more innovative solutions stitched with the AI and other technologies such as GPS, NFC etc.

The users are more likely to witness the delivery droids in the year 2017. Recently Just Eat associated with a development firm to test the delivery droids that can travel up to 8-10 miles with the average speed of around 3-4mph.  Further, the GPS signal and cameras are integrated into it for identifying the destinations and obstacles.

The aforementioned concept is just an example that can help in making the food delivery seamless, there are many more options lined up that will be coming in the future. The company says such solutions helps in making delivery management systems very attractive plus also meets the user requirements during the busy times.

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  • More innovative food delivery options

It usually happens, in case some new trend is introduced different from the traditional food delivery concepts, the lot many jumps for the same. For instance, when the Uber started the cab service much more such as Ola, Meru, Lyft came into the scene.

Innovation is the only key to keep the users engaged, For example, some restaurants offer the services to order the menu before visiting the dining place. Once reached they will have their orders readily served, thus banishing the pain of hunger.

The competition prevailing in the food delivery industries is undeniably fierce and the companies such as Deliveroo, UberEATS, Seamless, GrubHub etc are already into an aggressive race. Thus, we can expect a lot more in this industry. For instance, Monster Pet Supplies delivers the pet food online and is the first to embark on the stated idea.

Thus, there are many more inventions that will come, for adding more freshness and elegance to the food delivery industries.


  • UX trends

Just having a great app and a great idea will not work in the tough competition, existing out there. For enduring your food delivery business, you need a magnificent, robust and a conversant UX display.

This comes as the major factor, thus making it clearer, will surely assign you the large consumer base. Decide the exact workflow strategy of your app, and allow you, users, to book the orders with a very seamless approach.

For developing the one, you obviously require the best food mobile app development company that can craft out the excelled and a quality food delivery mobile app. Thus, analyze all the users’ requirements and your competitor’s strategy, so as get the best app that your users will love.

Looking at the current market standards, food delivery industry will continue to boom. According to the report, the online food market is expected to grow by 35-36% till 2020. Being one of the most evolving industries, the trends associated with it are definitely the one to keep an eye on.