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Why do we hear so much about PHP? The simple reason behind it is the ease of application and availability PHP provides. This web technology is a leading venture for any kind of web development and is installed on more than 240 million websites.

Particularly designed for server-side programming, PHP Hypertext Processor is renowned as PHP. You can create an exceptional quality functional website with PHP web application development that allows you build interactive and innovative websites. It supports several platforms, thus it is used by developers and users from all over the world.

The simplicity that PHP offers lets you combine it up with HTML or use it in combination with various template engines and web frameworks - validating its usefulness to great extents. Even finding a PHP coder is really easy and that quite affects the overall cost of the development and you get quite affordable solutions in PHP as compared to other proprietary frameworks. At Octal, we are a PHP development company having brilliant knowledge of the technology and we keep the solutions perfectly aligned with all that you expect from a typical PHP solution.

PHP Development Services

  • PHP Web Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • API Integration
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Database Support
  • PHP Based CMS Development
  • Support And Maintenance
  • Portal Development Solutions


  • PHP 4,5,6

    PHP 4,5,6
  • JavaScript, AngularJS, Ajax

    JS, AngularJS, Ajax
  • jQuery,  Ext JS

    jQuery, Ext JS
  • MySQL and SQLite

    MySQL and SQLite
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing
  • Bundling and compression of codes
  • Additional room for Razor scripts
  • HTTP APIs serialize automatically to the requested format
  • New and remodeled default project
  • Mobile supporting features
  • Augmented support for asynchronous methods
  • Finance and Accounting

    Finance & Accounting
  • News & Entertainment

    News & Entertainment
  • Healthcare

  • Social Media

    Social Media
  • e-Learning

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality
  • Retail / Ecommerce

    Retail / Ecommerce
  • Sports & Liesure

    Sports & Leisure
  • Manufacturing

We aim at providing proficient solutions with latest versions like PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. Our idea here is to bring you closer to what PHP can offer the best. We keep moving with the new enhancing our ability to build most accommodating and profound solutions in PHP. Our professionals keep a tab on the latest updates in the market and also ensure your involvement with us in your project. This helps us understand you and your purpose working closely on the details. As an established PHP developer we know what you truly need when you are looking to develop a solution on a technology that is so trusted and so existing. This goes far in helping us to provide you the solution that goes well with your plans and your pockets.

Take advantage of dynamic PHP development services with a team of experienced professionals adept with the latest technologies, user interface and methodologies.
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