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iPad app development

Creating high performance iPad apps and games
When iPad was introduced, it was set out by the mobile technology experts as one of the most innovative projects on Tablet computers. Now even after 4 years, it holds the same position. Consistent and versatile as ever, iPad needs a different level of brilliance to justify the technology genius that it is. At Octal, we can handle that pressure well.

We understand that iPad holds immense prominence in the market and this is the reason we believe that iPad app development services are just the apt way of reaching your target audience, mainly if you’re marketing to consumers and business users. We are an iPad application development company helping you improve the design as well as build process, thus enhancing your total experience.

It would not be an exaggeration if you call us the technology specialists of iPad or simply the innovators. We are not large in numbers when it comes to head counts of iPad developers. Better we are not, as we believe in quality and that’s what makes us deliver brilliance with our iPad app development services.
Built Solutions for
iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Retina
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Started working with the latest of them all
iPad Air 2


  • Cocos2d

  • XCode

  • Swift

  • iOS SDKs

    iOS SDKs
  • Unity3D


You Need More Than Just App Development

Are you looking for an app, to help you grow your business, serve a purpose, generate more revenue or engage your users?

iPad Apps Designs
With fast changing tablet figures and highly compelling results shown by the Apple's iPad, it's important to take the technology seriously and we do that quite resourcefully at Octal. We are completely on with the iPad technology. We have full-featured labs to help us think and do it better with all the temperament that iPad needs. Our experiments and approaches are all tuned in with getting the right iPad solutions through iPad's latest offerings.

We are quick-handed with custom iPad development, iPad games, porting services and enterprise solutions for iPad. Focusing on the high-end functional properties like map-kit, pass-kit, API integration, in-app purchase feature, retina display, accelerometer optimization, we bring the best out of your iPad endeavour.

With our extensive understanding of the latest iOS framework and hands-on expertise with XCode, Objective C and C++ technology, we provide you with all the facility to keep you desired by your customers.
We are best at making difficult ideas work brilliantly. The technology we use
gives you the edge to live and celebrate the most out of a solution
How Octal delivers business value?
We primarily focus on providing technology solutions to enterprises to increase efficiency, workforce utilization and bettering the deliverable that meet business objectives. Get in touch for consultancy and solutions.

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