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Solution Design

Our idea of a strong application starts with a self-suggestive technique that builds on strong fundamentals and standards that we have developed in our process for years. We allow our team to learn from the latest technology and adapt to it in a fashion that helps us restore and reinvent solutions using better techniques and broader concepts, aiming at an evolved Solution Design.

Solution Design is the most important thing to work on when you are thinking of a web and mobile solution. Everything from planning resources to work on and bringing in all the aspects of development together, solution design works on different parameters of raising a brilliant solution.

Solution Design is about plunging various functional techniques and performance variables into the development pot, engaging a deliberate style of achieving significant value out of a resulting outline of solution based on preliminary calculations and experiments.
  • Creating
  • Refining
  • ReBuilding
At Octal Info Solution, we offer solution design consulting to all your development needs in the mobile and web domain. We prepare a complete document that explains your complex work flow in easy notes. Following all the illustration and wireframe development, we prepare the major modules and portray the most important features in them to work as a prototype. This helps us get closer to the idea of product and designing the working model and functional plan of the solution in a systematic manner and further relate it with the real-life scenario.

We just don't believe in cliches and copy-cat structures and of course, the bookish approach to design a solution structure and plan. This is what keeps us so much in order to achieve just the right solution architecture for you.
Helped top stores and business units in UK in designing their mobile products and communication channel
  • Re-engineering
  • Business Architecture
  • Designing for Efficiency
  • Design Assurance
  • Organisation Design
  • System Requirements
  • Training & Upskilling

Solution Design for start-ups

For start-ups, we design a very basis, point-to-point solution, break it into many phases, and then build on it to produce a complete functional architecture. This helps us go effectively with the process and commit better understanding to create solution that matches with the requirements of basic arrangements and limited resources supported by a novice business set-up.
Solution Design

Doing it the right way

Besides establishing relevance with resources and other integral facets of solution, we integrate most authentic models and test them for feasibility and validity. We make sure that all the conditions are met and there is a good back-up scheme placed for each element and fragment, while we design your solution.
How Octal delivers business value?
We primarily focus on providing technology solutions to enterprises to increase efficiency, workforce utilization and bettering the deliverable that meet business objectives. Get in touch for consultancy and solutions.

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