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Handling complex websites smoothly
PHP enjoys a huge prominence in the present times and its Yii Framework is counted amongst the fastest, most professional and secure frameworks to use in a PHP project. It is highly useful for enterprise applications and is known for being feature-rich and high on performance. Opting for Yii Framework development services you get heavy-duty system analytics and conventional coding resources.

When you are looking for powerful caching support, incisive security and professional approach, then there is nothing like Yii. This open source PHP framework has been developed in component based MVC architecture employing object oriented programming paradigm at the same time. With Yii framework development services you get everything that other frameworks lacked. And using this, it’s easy to work effectively with the preliminary needs of a solution - to be flexible with future instances and requirements.

Caching support, program authentication, access control, AJAX compatibility and scaffolding, all comes in the best of shape with Yii development. At Octal, we are a Yii Framework development company using the technology for some time now. We easily design the best combination of resources and support mechanism shared by the framework in all these areas and this makes us deliver confident supplies for each website uniquely.
Ready for the Yii 2.0.0 release
Our developers and programmers are adept at using Yii Framework development framework and are provided with tool kits that ensure the smooth testing and debugging of applications. Our idea of building a solution with Yii is to present the most authentic collection of events and make them react with the solution derivatives. This way we build a highly significant and resourceful solution for the unique need you have, in any given dimension of utility.
Through our ranging expertise in Yii web development, we have not just delivered websites for individual or business purpose but also built solutions at community level.
Database Access

Database Access Objects (DAO)
& DB Migration

Comprehensive form input
and validation

Well-appointed security
Authentication and Authorisation

Built-in Authentication
and Authorisation
theming mechanism

Implements a skinning and
theming mechanism
Automatic generation

Automatic generation of complex
WSDL service specifications
Supports Internationalization

Supports Internationalization
(I18N) & localization (L10N)
Dynamic error handling

Dynamic error handling
and logging
How Octal delivers business value?
We primarily focus on providing technology solutions to enterprises to increase efficiency, workforce utilization and bettering the deliverable that meet business objectives. Get in touch for consultancy and solutions.

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