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SaaS Application Development

SaaS applications have gained decent score among enterprises
SaaS is all about making software facility of any kind available to many business users through a common repository from where they can select and use the software as a service.

Well, that's what it means technically. From a business angle, it's a great way to commit to big facility and paying just for service and not for the entire software or any other cost associated to it.

The range of solutions that SaaS encompasses is getting bigger day by day. It's very much in fashion with businesses that provide web based services like mass emailing or encompassing official activities like document sharing or reporting through a centralized MIS or CRM system. SaaS even includes Booking engines and Ecommerce websites among everything that you think can be put in as software and served to people as a mode of service.
Gartner Predicts - By 2015,
More Than 50%
Of CRM Will Be Deployed
As SaaS.
The tipping point of on-premise versus SaaS-based CRM deployments is arriving next year, and Gartner anticipates "that SaaS deployments of CRM will reach a maximum 80% to 85% by 2025"

SaaS Development Process

Architecture and
Business Rules
Resources and
Time Management
Deployment &
At Octal, we go by the latest that SaaS has to offer. We have built solutions on Java, PHP, and C #/.NET for solutions on the cloud. Platforms like Openstack, Azure, Google App Engine and are used by our SaaS experts to assure best results with the application aiming to serve a wide user base.

Adopting the right technique and implementing the perfectly tuned architecture that supports the service model most resourcefully, our skilled SaaS development team makes sure that their remains no gap in the entire process of providing a SaaS solution. We give prominent shape to the idea of our clients with our in-depth understanding of multi-tenancy, configurability, security, partitioning in SaaS development. We understand the needs that go through the minds of our clients while planning a SaaS solution for a particular target group. Our expert SaaS consultants confer, refine and reinvent their idea and associate it with industry logics and business propositions to help them come out with a meaningful and value-driven SaaS based solution.
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    Client: Organizations, Brokers and Agents

    Market: Real Estate industry

    Focus Area: Transaction management, Document processing, Online subscriptions

    Project: Sky Slope - Cloud-based Web application


    SkySlope - Web Application

    SkySlope online transaction management software has brought bright ideas to the real estate industry with the release of its innovative technologies. SkySlope is a real estate transaction management web portal that offers brokers, agents and homebuyers a collaborative, cloud-based environment to store real estate related documents - thereby assisting severe cost-cutting and environment safety besides fostering flawless real estate document management and transactions.

    sky slobe
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