Social Networking App Development – Features and Technology Stack

How Do You Develop a Social App?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more social media apps are adding to the list every day. If you are a social media app developer and want to do something different- beware the job is highly demanding. With so many social media apps already on the market, which of course are quite different from each other; you have to think out of the box and develop something new and catchy.

Today social media has not only become a fashionable trend but also a necessity to stay active in the digital world. Whether you want to stay connected with your relatives and friends or want to develop a business; you need to have a social media account on one of the prevailing apps.

Social media app development is a gradual process that needs lots of time, observation, and study. As a developer, you need to understand what the users want and what catches their attention. The app must be tech-worthy yet easy-to-use. It must be entertaining, catchy, and have lots of uncommon features. Below are the technology stacks that you need to understand when you are preferring social app development

  • Backend

Technically, for a social media app developer software is the main criterion. You should choose a platform that helps you accelerate the software development process. The backend is basically the parts that help in performing the task of the software. Backend Development is not visible to the viewers but helps in mobile app development. It includes database management, API, ADM Portal, etc. The cost of the social media app also depends on the backend functionality.

  • Strategy

Developing a strategy to target the audience is an important stack to understand. As a developer, you must know what you are developing. Before launching the app you must be aware of what the audience demands. The desires of potential users must be clear in the developer’s mind before undertaking any job.

  • Frontend

After strengthening the backend process with a tough strategy, frontend development is also important. The developer must know how to motivate the users to use the app and create a potential market. This includes the following steps to be taken-



The social apps prevailing in the market are profile-centric. Technically, for developers, it means a collection of personal details in the form of a database that helps in connecting similar data on the application. Profiles are those data via which an individual describes himself. A social media app must have this platform that can be personalized as often as the user wants them to. As a developer, you can also connect your app to various platforms such as Google+, Linked in, or any other platform by asking the user to enter the email id. Profiles can be created in the following ways-

  • Using a picture
  • Colors in the background
  • The setting of themes using different settings and layouts.
  • Customizing and using animation to add cool hobbies, interest, likes,
  • Linking to websites or personal web pages.
  • Using profile videos is also an interesting idea for making the app interesting


The feed is the content updated by the user from time to time to remain active and helps to showcase his/her presence. It keeps the social media account engaging and brings in more viewers. The user can enter a presentation, a picture, a motto, a thought, or just anything. Sharing of contents through feeds motivates people to use the social media app. Feeds can be a self-expressing moment, location, or just an emoji. People may use to share their location data through feeds. They may also use it to express their views about something.



Establishing a connection, befriending someone, or following a profile helps in growing relationships with the audience. This feature also helps in increasing social app users as well. Connections can be built by developing the following features such as-

  • Group creation
  • Events
  • Address books
  • The direct link with contacts
  • Messaging
  • Sharing of pictures and videos among friends
  • Tagging your friends in the pictures
  • Search
  • Recommendations
  • Survival strikes etc.


Ability to send and receive a message while using the app is a feature that attracts the user the most. Allowing the users with real-time chat facility also increases the number of potential users. Thus as a developer, you can add this facility and can encourage thousands of users at the same time.

Adding value to the content

Content is always the king that allows you to make money on social media. Enriching the profiles and improving the functionality with the contents helps in developing a powerful app. Many content providers sell stickers, emojis, and virtual products that increase the revenue share.

Hiring a designer to add value to the content is another way to earn money by generating the numbers of potential users as well. When you have options to add value to the content, you will get potential users thereby earning profits as well.

As a software developer, it is important to understand the prevailing market and provide the best and innovative features to the users. Hard work, passion for developing something innovative, and understanding the user’s demand is the key to create a great app. The best way is to interact with the users is to follow their feedbacks.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution