App personalization – Need of the hour

In rapidly-evolving mobile app world, it is pertinent for the app owners to upgrade their apps and keep abreast with latest trends lest they will lose user engagement. As a matter of fact the modern day app user is simply spoilt by choice and it seems that his demands are increasing with passing time.

Apart from the advanced features and brand new trends, app companies also have to concentrate on offering a personalized experience to the users if they want to ensure their continuous engagement. Basically, user retention is a huge issue which is faced by the app owners. The app owners are forever under this pressure to make better their apps by means of constant improvement in app design, alteration in graphics and induction of brand new interesting features.

One of the best ways to retain users is by offering app personalization.  In this manner the app is upgraded in accordance to specific needs of the user. Let us explain what is app personalization.

All you need to know about APP PERSONALIZATION?

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App personalization is basically a mobile app development procedure which specifically focuses on satisfying requirements of target audience of your app. This process isn’t limited to features of your app but to all facets of your mobile app which engender a personalized experience. The main thought behind app personalization is offering user the experience he desires from the app right from the minute he/she downloads that app..


Every day a new app makes it to the Play Store making the older ones less desirable. This is a super fast race to capture interest of the users. As per statistics more than 2 million Apps are present in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. It is seen that users usually download a particular app and a whopping 60% of them delete it right after first use. The reason behind this is hard to use features or deficit of personalization. So, it is extremely vital that app owners pay serious heed to app personalization.

Due to stringent competition app personalization has become a prerequisite as it makes apps user-friendly. The app owner should provide upgrades in line with needs as well as expectations of the users.

Different APP PERSONALIZATION Approaches

Collecting information to segment the users

Prior to devising app personalization strategy, you first require user data on which you can work. Users spend lot of time on apps, so gaining information regarding their actions is very easy. The main aim of app personalization efforts is maintaining engagement. When you have data about users you will be able to segment them and offer personalization accordingly.

User Demographics

User demographic characteristics like age, income, gender etc help you understand needs as well as expectations of user. This will eventually help in app personalization. Demographic information assists in making clear user segments. It enables app owners to come up with targeted approach for marketing.

When user downloads a particular app, they are asked certain questions which form part of demographic information. The procedure of collecting demographic information is easy and clear and user is usually aware of what type of information is the mobile app gathering. Mobile app even integrates with different social platforms which garner more details about user, his preferences etc. This helps in better understanding of the app user.

Users can be segmented in accordance to their age, liking, location, number of hours spent on the app and value of purchases made. This facilitates apps owners to make personalized marketing campaigns for different segments of users.

Advent of Personalized notifications

Users have a penchant for push notification. This customization tool enables users select their preferences and receive alerts regarding content which is helpful for them. There are different types of personalized notification, like reminding user of particular item in their shopping cart or discount alert in a nearby store.

Push notifications are a wonderful personalization tools as they propel users to desired actions and even boost sales.

Personalized location services

Integrating location-based tracking can enable marketers have meaningful insights. Marketers use Geo-targeting to send marketing messages to users on basis of their geographic location. So users get relevant ads while they are on the move. This invokes user interest and stimulates sales.

Personalized user on-boarding process

A vital step in app familiarization is user on-boarding. Once you install the app the first few days are quite crucial as this is the main time when user engagement happens. If you are able to capture user curiosity in this stage, chances are bright that he’ll stay with you. Personalized user on-boarding lends you an extra edge in grabbing user’s attention. Mentioned below few guidelines to personalize user on-boarding process:

  • The sign-in forms ask user for their basic information like Name, Gender, Role, Companies. Use this information in a smart way during on-boarding process like you can call users by their name.
  • Offer free trials and discounts during initial days, this will enable users to explore app for a long-term basis.
  • Propel users to use app regularly and provide them choices to move forward in right direction so that they do not feel confused.
  • Do ask personal information such as phone numbers or credit card number as this hampers user experience.

Personalized mail marketing

Personalized email marketing is another wonderful way to attain app personalization. For instance a travel app can send information about good holiday packages. Push notifications are annoying for some. In such case personalized email marketing is a good way to reach out to the users.

Smart Recommendations

On basis of behavior as well as preference of users smart recommendations are made. Mobile app analytics help in comprehending user behavior on basis of his/her online activities. For instance, if user has chosen “Rock Music” as favored music genre, the app can send user notifications regarding upcoming rock events.


It is significant that mobile app Development Company which you choose should be top-notch, nevertheless there is one basic principle which you should adhere to in order to attain success- Offer superb user experience and the best way to do so is via app Personalization. Every app has its negative and positive points, but what dictates the game is app Personalization. This will encourage users to choose your app in face of competition.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution