The Internet Revolution has made it easy to start an online marketplace that assists people with products that are useful in daily life. The e-commerce sphere is growing rapidly as many retailers have started utilizing the web to their advantage. The choice is to select quality products within the comforts of home is attracting several customers to the e-commerce sites.

The acquired technological skills have given confidence to many e-commerce startups. The success of Wish platform shows e-Commerce optimization relevance and the guidelines to stay updated in the cyberspace. With several contenders like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc the Wish shopping site has carved its niche in the cyber market very successfully.


The Innovative Mobile Commerce Platform

Wish is the largest shopping platform developed by Context Logic in San Francisco that offers enormous products to select from. Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang developed a mobile app to meet the preferences of customers as they create a wish list. It collaborates with wholesalers and retailers to give an attractive bonus to the customers. Therefore, customers can enjoy buying products ranging from clothes, electronic goods, accessories to fragrances at discounted prices.


Business Model of Wish App

The Wish app that was once a coupon service rose to popularity by modifying the platform to suit the user requirements. The features of the revamped platform device run on iOS and Android devices. The business model of Wish app is similar to visiting a mall as it concentrates on remote customers without a shopping list. Therefore, the Wish app implements strategies like-

  • More focus on the mobile platforms.
  • Stimulating the urge to buy on impulse
  • Competitive prices by offering discounts that make it stay ahead of others.


Features of Wish Mobile Commerce Platform-

The Wish marketplace has several attractive features that cater to the requests of the diverse category of buyers.


Different Categories-

The sub-divisions of the app based on the type of products make it easy for the customers to shop for their favorite product.

  1. Wish: It offers the customers products ranging from the beauty products, designer clothes, and portable devices.
  2. Geek: This app has hi-tech electronic gadgets and devices. Therefore, customers can buy laptops, Smartphone, watches, technically advanced products through this app.
  3. Mama: It is an app dedicated to the young mothers and pregnant women as the products are exclusively available for the kids/children. Therefore, items like clothes, accessories, child-care products, etc are available for purchase through this app.
  4. Cute: This online beauty parlor app has a selection of make-up products, cosmetics, clothes, and accessories to transform the visual appearance of the women.
  5. Home: An app assists the homeowners to create an authentic home décor with exclusive interior products.
  6. Wish App for Merchants: It exclusively caters to the needs of retailers and wholesalers. It provides full access to all features and tools of the app with simple registration that keeps track of all transactions and purchases.


Impulsive Customer Attraction-

The multi-app strategy implemented by the Wish app can attract customers from several social networking platforms. The clones of the app in social networks can attract impulsive as well as organized customers. The augmented reality technology (virtual fitting rooms) and the Style boards add the appeal to the Wish app.

Payment Options-

The easy payment options using credit cards and PayPal is easy for the customers to have a fun-filled shopping experience.

Delivery Tracking-

The customers can enjoy the delivery system that is similar to eBay and tracking system that allows them to monitor the product.

Strategies to Create a Marketplace like Wish

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app development with striking features is the right step that will give it a chance to survive in the market. The focus on delivering the different goods using the customized app will generate curiosity among the customers. The strategy to implement while designing an app to recreate the success of Wish includes-

  • User-Friendly Interface

The colorful design with the attractive menu will intrigue the customers. A responsive, user-friendly platform allures the customers while shopping online. A customer must feel happy and amused while shopping on the mobile platform.

  • Delivery System

A strong delivery system is the backbone of any e-commerce site as it has the potential to make the shopping exciting and easy to shop. Therefore, the app must have a good delivery system that works loyally around the clock to appease the customers.

  • Optimistic Approach

A mobile app can create clone apps that stay in different locations with added features will optimize the approach. It will multiply the products that will meet the growing demand of the customers.

  • Clear Payment Options

A clear and reliable payment option will make the mobile app more popular among customers as questionable security system discourages people from shopping. The fast and convenient payment system offered by stores like Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc have set a benchmark that every new app has to surpass.

  • Searching Tools

A marketplace with the viewing and purchasing option of diverse products attracts the users. A handy searching tool will make the process simple and enjoyable.

  • Attractive Deals

A discount system attracts the attention of customers as people look for good deals. The flashing deals will make the mobile app stay ahead of peer competition.

  • Appealing Design

At the end of the day, users focus more on the design of the e-commerce app as they like the enhanced experience. Hence, features like push notification, quality of service, and status of the order will appease the users.


It is important to opt for the appropriate platform for mobile app development that is compatible with iOS and Android. The minimal enlistment that guarantees the application feasibility with cost-effectiveness can conquer new peaks of the market.