Essential Features and Cost to Develop an IoT Mobile App

IoT is a big name and is holding a really great part of the today’s industrial landscape. Probably, it is one of the technologies that target the automation in just the right manner. The opportunities and functionalities offered by the IoT principles are huge and thus, there is absolutely no reason left, that why business should consider IoT app development as the major component of their activity execution lifecycle.

Coming to the major concern, lots of entrepreneurs and the business persons thinks,  in fact, researchers about the actual cost that is likely to be incurred while IoT app development. Well, the answer is as difficult as the development of such apps, but eventually, we have outlined the basic parameters and the components that will play a major part in deciding the cost of the IoT based mobile app.

As per the recent study published by the Gartner, the amount of around $300 million is likely to be invested on the IoT by the end of 2018 and there will be an exponential rise in its services by the year 2020. Well, the figures are really breathtaking.

So, coming to our very next concern: The cost, but before going into that, idealize about the basic fundamentals that are listed below.

Proof Of Concept (POC)

Now, you have an app idea running in mind, but before you actually initiate the development procedures, determine that whether your app idea is capable enough to reserve its place in the user’s heart at the time your app will be presented to them.

It is important to analyze the idea of your app, the target users, an actual demand for your product and services, users look forward to using. The proof of concept thus plays an imperative in identifying the real aspects of your IoT mobile apps.

There are few questions as well that one needs to clarify before processing for IoT app development

  • What are the main idea and the goal of your mobile app?
  • Who will be the target audience of your IoT mobile app?
  • What will be the hardware specifications of the app?
  • What will be the features of your IoT mobile app?
  • What is the estimated budget that your desire to spend?
  • What will be major challenges and issues?



Well, these set of questions actually set the basic architecture of your mobile app.  Therefore, it is just to accumulate knowledge about the aforementioned questions in order to make the app development lifecycle more productive and clearer right from the very starting, as it will help you keep any development or functionally related hassles at a bay.

Factors that determine the cost of developing an IoT based mobile app:

1,) Hardware

Hardware plays the major role in IoT based mobile app development. While developing an IoT based mobile app, the hardware components that are being added for implementing the robust technological and security standard sets the cost for any IoT based mobile devices. Likewise, the businesses can select any app development idea as per their requirement. It can either be an app for a smart home, supply chain, traffic monitoring or for anything else, therefore in such a case, the cost of an app augments as the hardware complication increases.


2.) The basic structure of the mobile app

As per the basic principles and guidelines, there are three major components of an IoT based mobile app

  • Middleware: Well, it is quite clear that gadgets will not communicate with each other, instead there will be an operable middleware placed in between and that will allows all the sensors to communicate with one another. All the app interfaces are connected to the middleware via internet connectivity for making overall communication quite easier and hassle-free.
  • Network: For making the IoT based mobile app work, the businesses require a highly sophisticated and a scalable network, speedy network connections and less latency.
  • Cloud-based or data storage infrastructure: All the data operations, figures and statistics that generates out of the IoT data operations and calculations are stored on the PaaS solutions provided by Intel or Amazon.
  • Size and the features of the mobile app: Depending on the complexity, size and the development standards of the mobile app, the cost of a mobile app is determined. All in one it depends on the platforms you are using to build your app, visual displays and the number of sensors that are communicating with one another.


Here find out some few more features that raise the cost of IoT app development:

  • Geolocation
  • Payments
  • API integration
  • Implementing data integration
  • Integrating CMS and data synchronization techniques

Proceeding further, there are few factors as well that impacts the IoT app development cost, keep reading the post for finding them here:

  • App complexity
  • Integrating advanced features
  • Implementing robust security parameters
  • Number of screens and the displays

The above factors are helping to figure out a rough idea about the cost of developing an IoT based mobile app. The cost of developing an app multiplies with the features and the complexity. Here find out the types of IoT based mobile apps and the cost related with each of them.

Types of IoT based mobile app:

  • Media based mobile apps – starts from $12,000
  • Energy management mobile apps- starts from $25,000
  • Medical and fitness based mobile apps- starts from $35,000
  • Transportation based mobile apps- starts from $ 25,000
  • Supply chain and manufacturing based mobile apps start from $ 40,000
  • Apps for smart home and cities- starts from $44,000

As per the research conducted by the harbor, the industries that were marked as the major ones to harness the power of IoT app development is Smart home (20%) followed by wearables, at 15%, and automotive and fitness industries share the same ratio of around 10%. The consumer based and the public sector IoT based mobile apps were also witnessed taking the share of around 4-5%.

So, how much does IoT app development cost?

The cost of IoT mobile app development varies significantly on the grounds of the location of mobile app Development Company, the complexity in the app idea, number of developers and the hours invested in developing a mobile app.

Well, one has to assured about the fact, that high price is not the symbol of excellence, it is the processes and the techniques applied while deploying the design of the mobile app. A sophisticated and a reliable mobile app development company will consider the app development right from the conception and will and try to infuse the correct development and the maintenance activities while developing a mobile app.

Coming to the Indian based IoT mobile app development companies, the app developers charge around $30 on per hour basis. However, the price can augment as the features and the technical functionalities increases.

Needless to say, IoT is covering all the industrial landscape at a rapid pace and is taking a fierce shape as well. It can be said as the best solution for implementing the automation and smart solutions for the various business domains and peripherals. So here if you are looking forward to an IoT app development, consult a reliable app development firm such as Octal Info Solution for making a mark and for reserving a seat ahead of the competitors.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution