On-demand health apps are significantly changing the way we access and manage our health. We live a kind of rather busy lives nowadays where our lifestyle drive us to do more, sleep less and hence immensely impacts our ability to focus on our health. However, the Doctor On-Demand Mobile app has been able to improve overall well-being of users. Hence, it’s time to take steps to promote your wellness through these kind of apps. The benefits are tremendous which go beyond the walls and hugely help in changing the way we approach mind and body health.

Doctor On-Demand Mobile Apps

As revealed by Rock Health Report, “88% of medical appointments get booked on phone with patient being kept waiting for a long period of time for an authorisation to be assigned to the date of actual appointment for diagnostic procedure.”

This report is quite alarming and hence calls for a feature-rich and robust doctor on-demand app. Now the doctor who are keen on building their own appointment mobile app can have one, where patients can check availability and book appointment accordingly. The entrepreneurs can also build a competent and sound doctor on-demand app, associating the patients with doctors.

Hence, if want to develop a brilliant doctor on-demand mobile app, then explore it all here, as we bring to you in-depth knowledge regarding doctor on-demand mobile app development.

Doctor On-Demand App Features

So the development process of Doctor on-demand mobile app consists of two individually built-apps, where one is for patient while the second one is for doctor. Then, these apps are connected to each other via an admin panel. So, here let’s look into the proficient features of these app panels.

Patients Panel

Patient Web/Mobile Panel:Once the users (patients) install the app, this is the page they will be straightlylanding on.

Sign-up/Log-in:At this section, patients signup to the app using their email ID or a social networking account. OTP received on mobile number can also be used for registration.

User Profile: Healthcare is certainly hugely personalized service section, hence users are required to enter details like name, address, sex, age, medical history, and other crucial data required to start off with treatment process.

Appointment Booking: Most significant feature of the app, from here the users can book appointment with the desired doctor and get timing that suits their schedule. A calendar feature can also be integrated as from here patients will be able to check the availability of doctors and accordingly can set appointment.

Live video sessions: Patients will be able to refer to their desired specialist via a live video. Hence, they can discuss regarding health issues.

Track Doctor’s Location:Using this feature, patients can track all specialists nearby their current location.

In-app chat/Calling: Patients will be able to communicate with doctors via in-app messaging and call feature. They can address any urgent query as well as will be able to receive updates on their reports.

Electronic Medical Records: Patients can upload & share documents related to health so that further treatment can take place. Each of the records are securely managed and maintained.

Prescription & medication tracker: Now this one is optional. This feature enable doctors to cover all required details of prescribed medication. Then on, the app is going to send reminders when it’s time for medicine, scheduled appointment, and other important aspects.

Payment Modes:Now the apps are being created to not just serve people but to generate revenues as well. Hence, a flexible and secure monetization model must be integrated with the in-app payments.

Ratings & Reviews: The users can give ratings regarding their visits and write reviews. Push notifications can also be sent to users to remind them to rate and review.


Doctors Panel

Doctor Mobile /Web Panel: It is this page where the doctors are going to first land on, once they install the mobile app.

Profile of the Doctor: Important details like name, address, picture, area of specialization, user ratings and time of availability needs to be mentioned over here. Besides, information like past experience, education, certification, and brief professional bio can also be added, if desired.

Appointment Status: From here the doctors will be able to view exact date and timings of the booked, cancelled and completed appointment on the whole.

Edit Schedule: Necessary changes can be made to the daily schedules of doctors on the basis of their availability.

Accept/Reject Appointments:Complete list of their appointments can be viewed by the doctors and they can also accept/reject any specific meeting, if desired.

Live Video Call:Common symptoms such as cough, cold, fever, etc. can be treated by the doctors via a live video chat. This allows them to spare time for patients with severe issues.

CMS for Health Article:Recent researches can be updated by the doctors and published in order to make the society aware of recent health insights.

Besides, features like In-App Calling, In-App Chat option are present in doctor’s app as well, just like the patient’s app side.

The Admin Panel & its Features

It is this panel controlling every aspect of what is experienced by the users (patients) & service providers (doctors). So, here let’s explore the crucial features of this section.

Patient Management: It comprises of all significant details of patients also including their entire medical history. Hence, timely and better treatment can be offered to the patients.

Doctors Management: It consists of entire of doctors’ details and here they can be categorized as per the area they specialize in. Choosing the category of their medical issue, patients can book an appointment with the specialist doctor easily.

Report Management:A robust and effective software is used for storing of detailed report of each patient. Hence, information can be generated timely as and when needed.

CMS for News & Articles:From here the admin will be able to manage the associated doctors’ publishing details as well as can publicize them.

Report management:Reports regarding no. of users who have enrolled, no. of doctors who registered to the app and health service availed are stored and managed.

Promotion/ Marketing: Offers, Deals, Coupon Codes, Loyalty Programs, SEO tools, etc.

Advance Features:

Real-time Analytics

It is an integral feature of admin panel. Charts, Graphs, tables can be used by the users to showcase real-time data and statistics of the mobile app. After all, graphical and visual charts are greatly helpful to determine the crucial health information.

Push Notifications

This is a vital feature for every type of mobile apps, as it allows users to receive notifications from app even when they are not using it. Hence, it offers 24/7 access to user. It proves to be helpful to send appointment reminder, time to take medicine, and a lot more can be done with it.

Communication channels

Having a sound and robust communication for Doctor On-demand Mobile app is quite crucial. Transparent interactive mediums can be used by the patients to communicate with specific doctors to discuss about their health 24/7.

In-app Camera

With in-app camera feature, one can expand communication standards to an all new level. Like it is possible for users to interact with doctors through LIVE video. Hence, they can receive prescription from the doctor accordingly.

GPS Tracking

Using this feature, users will be able to track current location of doctor in real-time via the maps.


The payment feature must be integrated in this type of app. The users can select from a number of payment modes like debit cards, credit cards as well as other third-party payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, etc.

Team Structure:

The development of a sophisticated and robust mobile app requires an appropriate mobile app development company, with a team of proficient developers, designers and testers. This set of professionals are required in app development team for on time, on budget and objective-based delivery.


Cost to Develop a Doctor On-Demand Mobile App

The team to develop an On-Demand mobile app comprise of proficient developers, designers and testers. It is vital to zero upon the right candidates with right skill-set for the creation of a great app. Now the cost to develop such a mobile app can be evaluated on the basis of three key factors, which consists of: Complexity of the App, number of dedicated platforms an app requires, and the region, as every country has its own budget ratios.

  • India-based developers: $10-$80 per hour
  • S.A. based developers: $50-$250 per hour
  • Eastern-Europe based developers: $30-$150 per hour

Calculating the overhead costs, it is expected that an average On-demand doctor app will cost around $40,000. However, a more of sophistication solution comprising of prescription tracker, and live consultation features can go beyond $100,000.