The latest, trending way to public awareness and gaining knowledge are the magazine and newspaper apps on your smart phone. We are always checking our phones, watching shows and playing games but in this process, we often forget to keep ourselves informed and on top of the current affairs of the world.

These magazine and newspaper apps sneak in the important information into our smart phones and help us to remain aware of our society and the happenings  that are taking place in the world.

With the rapid rise of technology, news being made all over the world is usually conveyed rapidly to us on television, radios, and internet. Newspapers and magazines provide that same, old news to us the next day.

But the question that really arises here is that when people can get the information from all around the world, at such a fast speed, then in such a case really the hard copy of newspapers of magazines matters for us?

Newspapers and magazines had to face this dilemma which caused quite a loss for their business. But with the launch of newspaper mobile app development and magazine app, they have jumped right back into the business, with new gusto and unique ideas.

People prefer to get the daily news and information, about the happenings about the world in their mobile apps, which are being updated every second with some new news rather than waiting to be updated the very next day.

Thus, we can visualize quite clearly, the popularity it is gaining and the success that it might earn in the future.

Create a mobile app for a successful newspaper and magazine business

  • Monetization through advertisement and subscriptions- One of the main sources that can profit your newspaper or magazine company’s are the advertisements and banners that are displayed. These ads might be invasive and irritating for the customers, but with the soaring digital marketing techniques, internet users are getting accustomed to these ads to such an extent that they do not give it any extra thought. Paid subscriptions might be a disadvantage for the company as the internet is filled with new and latest contents for free. What the newspaper and magazine apps are doing to tackle this problem is that they provide some part of the news for free to their customers, and the rest one is kept under the paid subscription field.


  • Minimum Cost production- The newspaper and magazine mobile apps might be highly efficient and user-friendly for the customers, but they are quite profitable for the parent companies as well. Mobile apps do not require the extra cost of printing and distributing the newspapers and magazines all around the world. Yes, the companies do spend money on building the app that is followed by launching process and maintainence, but it is minimal when compared to the hefty production costs that are incurred with these aforementioned techniques.


  • Going with the trend- Today’s socially enriched digital world is all about the latest trending topics and discussions. But the generation of today dedicates an limited amont of time for watching the news channels. The magazine and newspaper app steal their customer’s mobile surfing time in order to provide necessary information pertaining to current topics and ideas. This is one of the reasons why these apps are such a hit among the digitally aged crowd.

Features and functionalities

    • Magazine and newspaper mobile apps provide steady and uninterrupted access to latest news and information from the farthest corners of the world. There are no boundaries in this digitally updated world of mobile apps.
    •  These apps are developed in such a way that they provide maximum user satisfaction to their customers. They are totally customer-oriented, and provide all the crucial and necessary information in the most interesting way possible.
    • The magazine and newspaper mobile apps are equipped with easy share features so that you can share the news you deem worthy, with your friends and families. These sharing facilities are generally compatible with all your social media apps and websites.
    • These apps are always being updated continuously as the latest news arrives every second, from all around the world. This super-fast service is one of the crucial reasons behind the immense success of these apps as reported by a mobile app development company in UK.
    • These apps are equipped and prepared for any and every customized search that customers might prefer. This helps them get news from the specific field of society they are most interested in. You can customize your apps to show you news only regarding Hollywood and movie stars, or nature and earth, or politics and much more, according to your preference.
    • Upgraded multimedia and technologically advanced software’s are used to give the customers the best, most efficient and productive experience possible. You can easily magnify any lines and sentences for better scrutiny and can copy them to the preferred location.
    • These mobile apps contain interesting audios, videos, slideshows, and interrelated links to attract the customer thus, making the content more appealing and interesting for them.

Keeping up with the world’s affairs and staying informed is crucial for an educated living. These iPhone or android apps are helping us do exactly that, easily and effortlessly.