Well, all of us have some expectations with the mobile apps we are using, some of us wants plentiful of features while some may require a sophisticated UI and UX designs. Now, in this context, whatever it is, a mobile app entailing all the features and the paradigms that attracts the users is the only solution way out there for attracting the users.

According to the recent reports as per the statista, the factor that plays a major role in attracting the users is design of a mobile app. Now when it comes to design, the two major words that strike the mind of the users is the UI and UX of a mobile app.

Often most of the people get confused with these two terms, but of course, both of them are different. UX is something that sticks with the ideation of delivering an optimized functionality to the users and emphasizes on usability and accessibility fundamentals of the app while UI focuses on design of the app. It determines your user base and helps to allure them.

Now since in this post we will talk about the best UI design practices that must be considered while developing a polished mobile app. Processing further, UI is not just about adding few attractive buttons or icons on the app, it about making the users feel attached with the app. Making it user friendly is must apart from indulging high resolution displays and images.

So, what’s all is required for making the UI simple and clean and for attracting the users will form the further post, thus keep reading:


Clarity is very Important

Now what happens is, an app designer adds portraits images, graphics etc for making the overall display very attractive. Reason being, they try to drive maximum traffic and user base over the app. But somewhere in between, they infuse too much images and call to actions thus perplexing the overall app concept.

Well, before processing for mobile app development and design, make an appropriate and a clean plan for accomplishing the task. A clearly designed app will attract the users and will motivate them to be on the app for a longer time. So try using clear images, design and words for making the app brighter and simpler.


Avoid using strange buttons

The users must be able to understand the meaning of the buttons and the call-to-actions they are using. Sometimes unique buttons and too much innovation hampers the design of the app, thus make them in a way that the users find easy to navigate through them.

The designers can also add justified colors with the some tasks, such as they can paint the delete label as red, sign-in as green etc. This helps the users to render throughout the app in a better and in more sophisticated way.


Say no to over-sized fonts

Fonts play a major role in outlining the right design of your mobile app therefore; it must hold a perfect style and size on your mobile app. Yes, do not go too much out-of-box, such that the users find it difficult to comprehend with.

Processing further, the size of the font must resonate with your app interface and should be in accordance with the background color. Neither it should be too big nor it must be such that the users find it difficult to view.

You app should load and process faster

An app with good navigation speed is the key to gain plentiful of users at the same time. The app must be capable to load and process user activities at a faster pace, else users can abandon your app without a second thought.

So, focus on engineering the app with the fast loading and allow it to operate over various platforms such as iOS, Android etc in a seamless way. This will allow you app to circulate among users at a really faster pace.


The app should be aesthetically attractive

Your app accomplishes the varied user tasks excellently, well-en-good, but then what about the aesthetics of your mobile app. Well, your app must be beautiful enough to attract the users. Apart from that, it must have some highly advanced animations, static images and pictures; well let me tell you they are new trend nowadays.

Undeniably, this is a very little effort that one put into while developing a great UI for a mobile app, but then it can be given more spark in case, the iphone and android app developers and designers drive the innovative while developing the app.


Do not miss on beta testing

This is very important once you have developed the app design. Always test your app once all the designing fundamentals are infused into your mobile app. This way it gets easy for the app developers and the designers to identify the bugs, if arises after the app designing.

Going by the above approach, the an expert app developers can fix the bugs as required and can deliver a flawless UI experience in a simplified way.


Adhere with latest UI/UX trends

Now since this is dynamic technical era, new trends are evolving with every passing day. So, it is very imperative to keep in touch with latest UI/UX trends for serving the users with some extraordinary and unique concepts.

Being updated is a great weapon in itself to remain ahead among the competitors and to drive maximum users.


Summing Up:

The above are some of the points that will helps you in capturing a detailed understanding, about how to develop a awesome UI design  for your mobile app. Little bit of innovation and research is required for engineering the great mobile app

Other than this understand the user’s requirements and accordingly design the look and feel of the app while being very clear, astute and comprehending from the very beginning.