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Octal Info Solution Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web and mobile app development company based in UK. We are known for our out-of-the-box solutions that aim at creating business value keeping the approach highly user-centric. In our 10 years of service we have worked with almost every dimension of utility and provided our clients with timely and cost-effective solutions. We have served businesses operating at different sizes and investment brackets and offered them with the best fit with our qualified resources and process-oriented approach.
Our knowledge with UK market is vast. Over the years, we have interacted with many businesses understanding their present and future need of a solution. Based on our experiences with different people and ideas we have built optimum process design to suit businesses in UK and worked on the relevant trends and dynamics to help them achieve their purpose. This happened with true desire to help people out with real and impactful applications and applying local business sense and allocating standardized tactics that work in real life. This is the reason why we have been first choice of our clients, including blue-chip companies like Skype, Aviva, Fiat and Vodafone.
Celebrating 10 Years
1200+ Solutions
Octal Info Solution is people touching trends. We have trends meeting resources every notch and creating magical new ideas for you. In the web and mobile domain we are complementing most exclusive properties of the present times. We love cementing and sculpting new characteristics to your eminent ideas and build solutions in your zone of benefits.

Keeping our approach simple and working on realistic needs we have come up with uniquely useful solutions for our clients. Just like we all love to look different and desirable, we make it easy for you to be different with your solution, making your initial idea look fresh and appealing with the right choice of features and balanced mix of functional dynamics.
At Octal we aim at providing world-class solutions to all your needs. We have partners and consultants working with us on globally operated techniques to produce process centric and domain specific solutions. We only work with people who pass our strict criteria to be a partner. This helps us control quality and take you through best of development options, well planned and appointed by our highly trusted and trained professional who understands you and your area well.
World Class Facilities
World Class Facilities
Comprehensive Work Models
If you ask us for flexible work models and options to hire an expert, we are always ready to serve you with that in the manner that suits you the best. We have made all arrangements for options that you would find best in your situation - including hourly, time and material or a fixed cost model.

Our strength lies in the communication we have with you. That's what we are always on with. We are always fond of new technologies and that's what keeps us providing you with the latest solutions in time. A few examples are Android Lollipop, Apple Swift and iOS 8.
Our management affairs are highly informed and detailed. We have a structure that helps information travel across the aisles in the right order and that serves as a great way of messaging and communication. We have with us people who guide and counsel our teams with their years of extensive experience working in the industry. Our top-level management includes people having absorbing boardroom level experience to rely on for big decisions.
Working With Latest Mobile Technology
Over 15 Industry Verticals
We have served over 15 industry verticals and 50+ sub verticals including hospitality, healthcare, education, online retail, telecom, finance and accounting. With our streamlines approach we mingle with best of crafts and characteristics of product development and that's what makes us one of the leading businesses in UK providing solutions in mobile and web domain. As Mobile and Web become a need of the hour with each minute ticking, we aim at the sensibly planned move to develop a solution that beats the gap of time, in every manner possible.