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Decoding the future of Enterprise App Development

With businesses getting more dynamic with their ways of communicating and reaching customers, it becomes important to meet those needs at a larger plane. Also, with ever-changing trends that affect the global resources and upsurge needs for better communication, it is highly essential to go with enterprise tools and working entity in form of mobile applications. That’s what makes enterprise apps go with trend and become an integral part of your business drill, to impact a range of activities your business falls within. To have that right, enterprise app development is growing and making things bigger each day for businesses to impact the flow. Well, that calls for looking at what future has in cards for enterprise apps. Have a look at various propositions that are going to affect the trends of Enterprise apps in 2015:

It Is Getting Easier To Develop Enterprise Applications
The advanced tools and processes allowing easy development is making it highly smooth for businesses to acquire enterprise applications at best equation of time and cost. Further, the growing popularity and demand is making teams work in highly skilled nuclear teams operating at different locations. They offer you comprehensive options to have enterprise application that perfectly suits your need.

Traditional Software Vendors Acquire SaaS Application Vendors
It is getting more of a SaaS thing since we have triggered cloud based vendor component to serve businesses in full capacity. Enterprise applications are getting bigger with ever-rising factor of Software-as-a-Service because of the cost friendly nature of it. Further, the need for future-proofing of the application makes it ever more pertinent with the modern business outlook.

Enterprise App is leading App Development Market
If we talk about the last few years, consumer apps were in full swing and were dominating the trends completely. However, recently the picture has changed in favor of enterprise applications. Businesses have developed the flavor of enterprise applications now and it seems 2015 will see more of it in terms of both volume and range.

Cloud-Based Apps Rule the App World
Businesses are moving to cloud in heavy numbers because of the fast and easy process it offers. Technology experts say there will be about 30% new cloud-based apps around by the end of 2015. If they are to be believed, expect the applications running on cloud to get bigger in numbers this year, creating a fair amount of increase in demand for enterprise applications.

Real-Time Data is required
Ever since there came the need to operate with fast real-time data, enterprise applications have gained a recognizable space is the domain of Information Technology. This gives them ample of opportunities to drive customer sales, manage data and exchange reports with the app that is precisely built on their needs. As a result, businesses look more confident with the way they see their processes growing with real-time activity on their apps.

Making Enterprise App Productive
More productivity is the primary aim with which enterprise apps are planned and built. Enterprise application development will look for more in terms of making it future-ready with optimized communication, upgraded functional theme and collaborative approach in bringing a more interactive and assorted version of solution for advanced business needs in the year 2015.

HTML5 Wins over Native
Well, that’s something happening for some time now. We have seen a substantial rise in popularity for hybrid apps in last couple of years. This would be taken further with more of the HTML5 taking over the native enterprise apps. As per the experts, look for no less than 90% of new applications in 2015 to be built with HTML5 and its amazing club of frameworks.

Enterprise Application in Store
The trend is already in for accessing apps through stores. This allows users with privacy concerns, to have enterprise applications with them most easily without facing any risk. This is the reason why the store concept is in with the new generation of users and it is going to make it even bigger this year.

All this clearly suggests that this year would be the time when you would see enterprise application getting bigger in its scope of reach. The companies look more in shape to acquire and present their business agenda in compliance with what enterprise application development would help them own and extend. 2015 is surely going to be the time where enterprise applications would go for biggest claims ever.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution