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Octal Info Solution Ltd. starts offering hiring services for Laravel development

London, UK – Now you can hire Laravel Application developers at Octal Info Solution–Feb 18, 2015 – With technologies coming in frequently it becomes hard for you to decide on what to choose – more so when you are at the providing end. If we talk about the Open Source web technology in particular, it has grown big with resources and arrangements having been planned at a huge level.

Only if you are an experienced player and have worked across in different market situations you can make out what suits your target customers the best – keeping it all the way easy for you to keep it on track.

Octal Info Solution knows how to hit it right on the spot when it is about selecting the technology. This has been proved time and again by the way they have taken control of resources and planned factors for development. The technology stack they have with them shows how engrossed and considered they are with their web offerings.

Strengthening this technology prowess further, Octal has started offering solutions with Laravel, best described as the most watched PHP project on GitHub as of August 2014.

With this prolific endeavor, Octal has opened up new possibilities for people to get applications built on their latest business needs with lucrative hiring options. The standardized and well-planned hiring equations they offer are equipped to serve custom business needs coming from different commercial backdrops and service domains can benefit.

Here’s what the IT Director at Octal Info Solution has to say, “Our level of profoundness and commitment to possess technology expertise with Laravel comes from our ability to serve different needs of users. And that comes with best combination of latest features, expansive themes and expressive syntax that Laravel has to offer, most prolifically.”

He further explains his team’s engagement with Laravel “We offer advanced web deliverables designed on the comprehensive directory structure offered by Laravel, most eminently keeping it in best of shape to serve the legacy resources. We integrate our operations to develop latest web apps with streamlined development approach, with the help of domain experts, who are an integral part of our recognized process plan.”

The company comes out with great accessibility options with a trained team of dedicated developers. The Laravel hiring solution offered includes options that go with different business requirements and work with the web development needs.

All this and more explains the expansive plan of building web solutions on Laravel with hiring solutions designed to serve ranging business situations that modern businesses come across most frequently. Most interestingly, Octal looks quite confident shoving off all the competition with this move. But that’s not an easy bite and only their level of commitment with the technology in the long run would decide how everything unfolds eventually.

Company Info: Octal Info Solution Ltd is a global IT service provider known for its value-driven solutions across diversified verticals of web and mobile application development. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company has produced exhaustive enterprise level and utility based solutions in a wide array of technology like .Net, Open Source, iPhone, Android etc. It has served businesses all over the globe transforming their ranging-complex needs to prolific and sustainable solutions.


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