Taxi-hailing apps like Uber had not been so popular until 2010. Since the launch of this classic application, many doppelgangers have also risen up to provide services to the ultimate users. Taxi-hailing apps have become competitive to give the customers some services that had been already being provided by the prevailing apps.


Taxi services like Uber are feeling the heat of competition with the new apps being launched every other day. However, the demand is also raising high with the fickle customers who keep looking out for better options. Hence, it is a million dollar question as to how to create a scaling app like Uber to stay competitive in the market.

If we think about Uber in particular, it has been experimenting with advanced features to create an environment that is easily accessible to the users. It has established a partnership with the classic yellow and green cabs to create a more substantial market.


By joining hands with the traditional taxi services, Uber has created a revolution in the taxi service world. Therefore, what exactly is the idea behind attracting the customers to use the services?  The app as such should fulfil every requirement of the user. Whether a user desires to travel to a foreign location or just a nearby destination; the traveler should find everything on one single app.

  • Scheduled rides

Usually, the taxi services app provides a taxi for hire right away as soon as the user request. However, some latest apps like Uber have started providing scheduled rides as well. Thus, if the customer wants to hire a cab after 30 minutes, the app automatically schedules the ride based on the request. The ride can be scheduled for a month as well by providing the time, date, and drop-off in addition to the pick-up location.

  • Saved or favorite location

Passengers, who ride a taxi every day to a certain drop-off or pick-up location, find it annoying to enter the location every time. Fixing this difficulty, apps like Uber have come up with an idea of allowing the passengers to save their favorite location. The favorite location might be an office, gym, school or home. Integrating this feature will really ease the passengers’ difficulties and make the app loved by the majority.


  • Ride-sharing

Each passenger loves it when asked to pay only a ratio of the fare. Cab pooling is a great feature recently launched by major taxi services app. It is not only a wise decision for the app service provider but also for the passengers. The app server converts the fare to cheaper slots for those people/commuters who are travelling in the same direction. Recently Uber has also launched an UberPool service that is being appreciated by its users at a wide scale.

  • Book taxi for others

Sometimes, you need to book a taxi for someone away from your location. you may need to book for your parents, grandparents or friends. The new feature that has been recently added by Uber has made hiring cabs convenient. You can now hire cabs for people from your contact list and the software automatically connects with them to track the location. The commuter will also get an intimation message regarding the cab that can be used while hiring the taxi service.

  • SOS

Safety is the major concern for all the commuters. Uber has this extra emergency feature called SOS that inculcates safety protocol by integrating the emergency number in the app. The riders or commuters may press the SOS button any time when they feel unsafe or sense any trouble. The SOS service automatically sends a security alert or message to the selected contacts.

  • Payments and offers

Uber has made payments easy for the users by providing wallets and cash payment option. The passengers also get instant discounts when they use their debit or credit cards as well. The various discount offers, promo codes make the ride attractive for the passengers as they are benefited by these offers. While formulating an app, you can tie up with various online wallets to give various offers to the passengers.

  • Adding extra stops

Sometimes the rider needs to drop in at someplace while traveling to the destination. They might need to drop their friends or companion, or need to grab some food from the store on way. Adding extra stops has made Uber the most convenient app today. If you are planning to create a great taxi service app, you may add this extra stoppage feature and give convenience to the passengers in just the right way.

  • Driver compliments and tips

It is always helpful to check the concerned driver’s review while hiring the cab. Recently Uber has added this feature of star rating for the drivers and passengers. Riders can give compliments to the drivers and give them cashless tips.


As such, when the passenger hires a cab next time, he or she will know what to expect from their prospective drivers. You can also add tipping feature to create extra bait for the drivers in form of an incentive for good behaviour and good service.


There are various such services that you may add while creating an Uber like taxi hailing app service. It’s important to construct the app wisely considering the features to benefit the passenger/commuters and the drivers.