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Top 8 Features That Define Your Productivity App Development

Productive apps are the latest, trending topic of the mobile app industry but do you really know that it is not something new and unique. The Productivity software has been present in our market from a pretty long time.

A Productivity app is just the better, sophisticated, more efficient, and effective version of the software’s that exist in the present market.

They are the latest, updated adaptation for making your working ecosystems’ more simplified and reliable.

What is a productivity app?

Productivity app is the specialized assistance that increases your efficiency. Every company, be it a small industry or a large multinational corporation, all of them are always looking for new and proficient ways to increase the productivity of their company and employees.

Many have tried to just depend on advertisement and promotions but have failed to reach the level of the desired success. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs and account holders are hiring the service of these productivity apps to reach their goals.

Productivity mobile app development industry  since gaining lot of popularity nowadays, are applying ample of new and unique technologies to all the development modules so as to cater better consumer experience.

Benefits of a productivity app

Productivity app assists in the smooth management of various tasks and services in your company. Mobile productivity is critical in managing the overall workload for efficiently regulating the working procedures of your team so as to acquire a wide consumer base with impressive double-fold profit.

London mobile app developers are always busy in creating new and updated productivity apps that comes with specialized and customized features. These features allow the customers to track their daily chores and future plans to increase their efficacy level.

 Important features and functionalities of a productivity app

    • To-do lists– We often decide to do a thousand things in a day and end up forgetting most of them. Keeping everything in mind and executing them in the sequence is really a tedious task, especially when you already have hundred other struggles in your daily life. To-do lists are our saviour in tackling this problem as it allows you to monitor all the associated relevant activities. You can write down all your tasks that you need to do in a day, on your daily to-do list. As you keep on completing them, you can easily cross them off thus, allowing you to get on with your day in a much more organized and competent way.


    • Reminders and notifications– You can set up reminders for important dates and deadlines so as to vanish of the probabilities of missing on anything important. Missing a deadline can have grave effects on you and your client’s professional relationship. Your productivity app not only keeps reminder dates but also send you notification before and during deadline hours so that you can competently complete the task.


    • Voice recording– You can save short and long voice transcripts to note the progress of your task or can comment on any specific point that needs to be noted. Recording a voice transcript is so much easier than writing them down. You can even record a little motivational speech for yourself that encourages you to complete the number of tasks you that you have aligned up for a particular day.


    • Calendar view– Teaming up your to-do list with your calendar can be really accommodating and beneficial for your daily productivity. Maintaining a calendar helps you set up your daily routine for months in advance. You can prioritize your work according to their urgency level and can save it on the calendar as well.


    • Progress Report– Staying up to date with the progress level of your employees is crucial for optimizing any company’s productive values. Staying informed helps you make better decisions thus permitting you to manage the entire committed deadline in a more efficient way. You can store all the extra comments and reviews as the progress of tasks proceeds further.


    • Sharing– If a group of your employees is working on a particular task, they need to have a supportive medium between them for establishing essential communication. Productive mobile apps can serve as a medium through which they can share photographs, videos, PDF files, and various other attachments, in order to pave out the ways for effective knowledge sharing.


    • Offline mode– Keeping all your important data and information online only, may not prove a good idea sometimes. You need to be prepared in case of any internet issues and glitches if, arises. Productivity app provides this essential feature of availing the data and other information from the app, even if your device is offline.


    • Multiple devices– Every small and big company needs access to a variety of smart devices to work proficiently. You need easy access to all your devices with the inbuilt ability to transfer data and files from one to another effortlessly. Productivity apps help you to capture an easy medium to transfer any crucial files, without slowing you down or hampering your productivity.


Getting a customized productivity iPhone or android app specifically for your business can prescribe the route to your success. It not only helps you inspect your employees work and efficiency but also analyses your management techniques and points out any possible glitches and flaws.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution