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Top 5 Features For Your Enterprise Mobile Apps

In this technologically advancing world, mobile has become an important and dependable part of our daily life. From our day to day chores to official business operations, mobile not only makes our work easier, but also helps us to remain more productive and efficient.

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, various business organizations are realizing its importance for escalating their development and growth.

Mobile applications have become a crucial equipment in their process of deploying their business operations in a much improvised manner.

Large business organizations are using this prevalence of mobile apps to manage and improve various organizational processes. Mobile enterprise assists in managing the workforce efficiently, helping establish a better customer service, and staying up to date with employee performances and management.

With the help of integrated mobility, corporate data can be easily accessed by the employees from anywhere in the world.

It helps the multinational corporations to conduct their day to day services, in various countries, in an effective and productive way.

Crucial Features For An Effective And Efficient Mobile App

To build a perfect enterprise mobile app, these are some crucial features that need to be integrated into it.

  • Security- Enterprise mobility essentially gives the employees permission to assess the crucial and classified corporate data with their smart phones. Though it is beneficial for employees as it gives them live access to company data and other important information at any time, it also has some adverse effects if not utilized properly.

    Classified corporate data kept on a phone, might not be the smartest and safest idea for the company. Thus, it becomes critical to provide such a security that the organization is safe from any leaks that might harm them. As the enterprise cannot secure each and every employee’s device, it becomes paramount to create bulletproof software that secures the information with the chat available on the app.

    Moreover, the app needs to be set in such a way that the users cannot change any such setting that might compromise the security of the organization. Nor should they restrict a user’s liberty. Basically, it needs to be in perfect balance, to keep the company safe and make the working ecosystem productive.

  • User-friendly– We download a number of apps on our smart phone every day. But do we really use them all? No, first we make sure that it does the work without any complications and hassle. Only and only when we are completely satisfied with the experience and the apps’ productivity, we decide to keep them and use them for our work. The rest of them are immediately uninstalled.

    You are a major business organization who wants to introduce a mobile app to connect the employees and help them improve their performance and efficiency. The first thing you need to make sure is that it is user-friendly.

    The complicated and hassling process may discourage them from using the app. The employees need to be satisfied with its workings, so that they can use the app religiously.

  • Real-time Messaging– The end goal of any enterprise mobile app is to make sure that all the employees in your organization are connected and communicative with each other.

    To ensure the construction of this communicative bridge, real-time messaging and data sharing is absolutely crucial.

    Implementation of this indispensable feature is critical for the success of the app and the development of the enterprise.

  • Push Notification– Push Notification is essential for the efficient workings of any enterprise app. Corporate world works on urgencies and deadlines. You need to stay informed and attentive.

    But you cannot keep checking your mobile phone when you have thousands of other works to do.

    Push notification solves this problem and brings your attention to the app only when there is some new update or information.

  • Integration Of Customized Tools– Different business organizations need different and unique tools to tackle their development and management issues.

    While creating your enterprise app, the company needs to keep in mind, the specific tools that can be added to make the app more seamless and profitable.

    Customizing the app with fundamentally specific tools, relevant for the company’s development is profound and at the same time important. Adding some other productivity tools like email management also helps the company to gain a swift communication among the employees and the management leaders.

Enterprise mobility is quite challenging and intricate. It needs the production and the IT team to be at its best to provide the most productive user-experience possible. Enterprise iPhone or android apps are undeniably dominating the market and in case, embedded with smart solutions, can lead to overall development of any organization

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution