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So, Retain Users With Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile Deep Linking makes use of a uniform resource identifier (URI) that helps to link up specific pages or specific locations right within a mobile application. This feature is developed to provide users an utmost ease of use. Deep linking enables the user to get directly routed to the app content in diverse ways. With deep linking, one can get automatically connected to notifications, email, SMS and other social media platforms.

Purpose of Mobile Deep Linking

Over the years, users have understood the importance of mobile deep linking. The sole objective of this functionality is to drive user engagement with an enhanced experience. It also helps in augmenting the user on-boarding procedures and hence, assists marketers to promote the mobile apps efficiently.

Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking

Delivers optimized User Experience: If an app has the inbuilt deep linking feature, users can seamlessly navigate content without the need for any exhaustive navigation. Getting users redirected to the screen of their choice is indeed a big help.

Helps in User Retention and Engagement: The embedded benefits of deep linking are manifold. It has clearly provided significant benefits to the users who have been using apps that are featured with deep linking. According to the statistics collected, users tend to incline toward deep linking more often when compared with evaluations on the usability criteria of the app that do not contain deep linking. So, get your app inculcated with a engrossed user’s mechanism technique so as to keep users engaged , so as to augment your app popularity

User Onboarding is Enhanced: It is the best tool that assists the users to capture an impressive on boarding.  Through this strategy, perk your users with tailored app invited and allow them to experience a customized and sophisticated on-boarding experience.

Strong Marketing Approach: It has been observed that mobile deep linking boosts revenue and enhances the sales volume. Of late, a mobile app developed with an efficient deep linking strategy help user to gather all the to the point information. So, cater your users exactly what they want and conserve a determined app identity. For instance, if a user gets easily directed through a push notification and agrees to opt for a lucrative deal, then it is clear app success indication.

Help Enhance App Search: According to the Google indexing guidelines, mobile app with efficient deep links are queued up with an utmost priority. So, this obviously aids your app for getting easily displayed on the Google when a user shoots a search query . So, as a result , your app becomes more popularized and attract no only the existing users but also the gives a prompt impression to the unfamiliar users. Hence, a large segment of active app holders is intrigued towards your app.

Promote Relevant Content: you might be running a promotional offer for your users. Deep linking a mobile app will allow you to create links with the relevant content within the app, thus attracting user attention. It not only helps marketers to actively promote the app, but also prescribes a sophisticated framework for setting up a reliable connection with potential users.

Needless to mention that mobile deep linking is an integral part of an app these days. A iPhone or android app development company, when focusing to enhance user experience, looks to engage users, retain them and try to drive revenue for the company. This is where mobile deep linking becomes a key component of an app’s success.

The future holds good for mobile deep linking. Learn to scout for new apps through deep-linked content. This will help build a stronger and more communicated ecosystem where intelligence can be easily transferred across mediums. Not creating much of a paradigm shift, deep linking will necessarily drive the connected world to become better.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution