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So, let’s find out the Best App Developers for your Android App

A sudden hike in the usage of smartphones and tablet devices has created a huge demand for proficient app developers. A sea of companies, today are getting into powerful mobile app development for their enterprise, in order to expand their business and skyrocket their sales. They are constantly on the lookout for highly skilled and experienced professionals who not only possess complete knowledge of all the present day software and techniques but are also well aware with both iOS and Android ecosystems.

Today we are here to provide you with some valuable tips that will help you in locating a competent and unfeigned mobile app development company that promises to offer a feature packed and functionally rich mobile app.

  • Chalk out Your Requirements

Before you begin looking for a good mobile app developer, it is imperative to analyze the details of your project. You should be clear about your needs and requirements so that it becomes easy for the app developer to perceive your vision for crafting an instant rough draft based on that.

Also, be open to the ideas of your developer. With years of experience, he can proffer you with some great advice concerning the interface and functionality of your app.

  • Do the Requisite Market Research

Closely studying the market is fundamental for the success of app development. So, before you go out to the market for hiring a mobile developer for your enterprise, it’s always a good idea to carefully research about your target customers, their needs and preferences, current market trends along with some valuable features that can be added to your app thus, making it more progressive. If you have total clarity about your project details, you will be quickly able to realize your grail. Also, make sure to engage someone who matches your precise needs in a comfortable manner.

  • Set up a Reasonable Budget

The cost of developing an app entirely depends upon the design, features as well as the functionalities you wish to incorporate in your app. From $3,000 to $100,000, or even more, the price can greatly vary.

So, before hiring any app developer, it is important that you have a prescribed budget in your mind so as to limit your options. This will permit the app developers to cater your requirements more precisely. Also, you can go in for hiring an offshore developer who offers the same good quality services at affordable price structure.

  • Ask about the Developer’s Previously Completed Projects and Other Contributions

Past projects and clientele helps in gathering significant information about the quality of services offered by that particular app developer. Before selecting any developer, remember to gather information about different apps developed by him so far or is their any published apps pertaining to the developers’ account on Google Play and App Store and if yes, then actually how many active downloads and users it captures.

It’s always a good thing if you engage someone who has previously developed a similar app as yours. Moreover, you should also have a look at the type of SDKs and app testing tools they are used by them in the app building procedures.

  • Choose Someone with whom you can build a relationship

The process of mobile app development is not a single-time activity. In order to be successful and to stay competitive, apps have to go through countless cycles and evaluations based on the current user feedback. So, choose a developer who will cooperate with you throughout the life cycle of the product and will stay after the execution of initial processes or once after the app is hosted on the app store.

  • Make Design a Top Priority

The design of a website or an app is as important as its functionality. So, look to hire developer partners who can add some value to the usability aspect of your app so as to cater a more smooth and interactive user experience. Make your app design more attractive with unique icons and symbols so as to augment its visualization criteria’s.

  • Think of the Whole Package, Not Just the Coding

Building an app is not merely restricted to coding. There are several other aspects that should be duly paid equal importance such as design, testing and usability. The design has to be functional to proffer a noteworthy user experience. So, do not go for independent developers, unless of course you already have access to a competent team that will carry out with the rest of the functions..

The Bottom Line

Through this post, we endeavor to help you have a better understanding of mobile app developer’s experience and creativity. It is great to have a developer who not only uses the latest software and techniques, but also adheres to the standards prescribed by the  different app stores. So, follow the above mentioned tips and hire a proficient iPhone or android app development company for getting a captivating app development.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution