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The growing popularity of mobile devices has led to a constant rise in the number of competent apps. Increasingly, business enterprises are required to devise efficient ways to ensure that all these apps are absolutely secure. In the following post, we shall look at 4 best methods of protecting the user’s security within a mobile app.

Enterprise App Security

Today, the mobile internet usage is clearly dominated by efficient apps. More and more number of business enterprises are taking to developing their very own mobile app so as to stimulate the effect of their products and services.

All enterprises strive to ensure that the data placed within their apps remain absolutely secured and well protected. Whether the app is developed for internal employee usage, or is meant to be shared with the customers, its security is the topmost priority.

Online banking has become immensely common within mobile devices and the biggest concern related to this revolves around security. Why would anyone put all their significant financial information on a mobile phone? Every day, a lot of people lose their phones, so how this data will remain protected? What all security measures can be opted for while developing an app?

Well, below are 4 best methods of maintaining app security. Let’s have a look:

  1. Password Protection

While developing a robust mobile app, try to adhere to the strictest guidelines when it comes to password access. Regardless of whether you are building an app for employee or customer use, if your app has a function of permitting the users to load and store personal information, it should be properly entailed with all the password protecting strategies. A lot of online banking apps nowadays have number based passwords that are hard to crack. This ensures that the data is secure and prevents your mobile from all the existing hacking strategies. The more passwords that are integrated throughout the app, the less is the risk of getting hacked.

  1. Fingerprint Recognition

Apple launched the fingerprint recognition with the release of the iPhone 5S model, and since then, this feature has really taken off. A lot of high security apps today are incorporating this feature to strengthen their app security. Recently, Barclays has launched its banking app with a fingerprint recognition, protection mechanism  to permit its users to access their residing confidential financial information. Users are given the option of selecting this fingerprint feature when they first sign-in to the app. If they opt, they are asked to give their fingerprints before accessing the app.

Fingerprint authentication  has become one of the best forms of security today. In case a mobile device is lost or misplaced, all your important and private information is protected through your fingerprint without any data being leaked out.

  1. Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is witnessing immense usage and as per the latest trends, in the recent future, this form of security is soon to become the most widely used technology across all mobile apps. Apple has created Siri that simply responds to “Hey Siri” and Amazon has Echo that responds to the sound of the user’s voice. A plethora of enterprise mobile apps are making using of this voice recognition feature  so as to maintain a throughout data integrity within an organization.

As of now, this form of security is not very popular; research suggests that the technology of voice recognition will only go from strength to strength in terms of augmenting security for enterprise apps.

  1. Software Updates

While formulating a budget for developing a iPhone or android app, a business enterprise should always take into account the ongoing software updates as it significantly contributes in determining the app success. As technology evolves, it is imperative for the enterprises to maintain an eye on the ongoing trends so as to keep pace with changes.

In order to preserve  your app from the hacking threats, frequent updations undoubtedly becomes a necessity. Out of date software stand the risk of getting invaded by third party users and thus losing all the sensitive information to them. So, it is important to plan for timely software updates in order for the mobile apps to stay as secure and protected as possible.


Mobile app security remains to be a highly significant and much talked about topic that needs careful heed. All business enterprises should cautiously plan the technology to be incorporated in their app to protect their company’s communications.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution