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Micro Apps: One of the Trends to Watch Out For

With as much as 2 million apps available on the Apple and Google Play Store, there is absolutely no doubt why micro apps are quickly gaining traction. Each one of us downloads at least 50 apps on our mobile devices, but actively use just 4 or 5. Also, it has been seen that a lot of apps are not even retained for one full day.

Every business entrepreneur seeks to develop an all-rounder app for their company. As a result, the app they build is simply the condensed edition of their existing mobile website or desktop app, executing all similar functions as their larger counterparts. This, however,  is the biggest mistake committed by any business enterprise that ultimately leaves the customers as well as the employees fuddled.

What are Micro Apps?

A micro app is a customer-oriented application built to proffer highly targeted functionality, allowing the user to access the app or to start the interactions  and once completed, it instantly shuts down  the app, with utmost efficiency. Some common examples of micro apps are Facebook Messenger, Weather Forecast, Snapchat Micro, etc. Such apps permit the users to streamline and manage their vital business processes with ease.

The concept of micro apps holds immense significance for enterprise mobility strategies.

A Normal App Micro App
Serves various features Serves single purpose
Only app store installs Impromptu install
IOS/ Android native HTML


How are Micro Apps Beneficial?

At first, micro apps may not appeal so much, but their impacts are bigger than it seems. Such apps do not only cater to employees and customers, but also to  big business enterprises and startups as well. Let’s learn the benefits of a micro app in better detail:

  • Your Employees Will Remember Everything

Do you think it’s possible for your employees to clearly remember what happened 20 days back? Of course not! Now just imagine how about having a mini app designed with the feature of storing daily updates and receiving push notifications regarding the important tasks to be accomplished today. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

With such apps, your employees will no longer have to deal with hundreds of functionalities and they can also get rid of old school desktop apps.

  • Stay Updated and Work from Anywhere

The workforce today is not only flexible but also dynamic and are always on the go. An employee may be using his smartphone one moment and may switch to desktop the very next. The greatest benefit of micro apps is that it seamlessly operates on all devices, whether it is a mobile phone or desktop. Also, you can open these in any of your browser or push to a messenger application such as Skype. This way, your employees can conveniently stay updated and work from anywhere in the world. No matter what device they are using, the information will definitely reach them.

  • Customized Employee Interface

Business enterprises usually opt for one-software-fits-all approach for different employees with different kinds of jobs and needs. Now, micro apps can be optimized for a particular user type, particular set of devices, particular workflow. In such scenarios, the users can benefit from an app interface that is specially tailored in accordance with their particular use case.

  • There is No Need to Get Lost in App Stores

As mentioned above, a micro app is based on HTML/HTML5 and they instantly load into any existing communication tools such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, etc., thus, dodging the app stores. You will also experience that there is no additional cost involved in creating as well as promoting micro apps.

The Bottom Line

So, we are now aware that the micro app concept is based upon 2 significant principles:

  1. Highly targeted, narrow and easy get-in-and-out facilities combined into a mobile app
  2. Performing all personal and professional functions with 100% competency and zero delay

Thus, micro apps are a perfect solution for enterprises that can rapidly create hundreds of niche solutions, serving as adept stand-alone apps or as important components integrated together to satisfy their employee’s working needs.

Such iPhone or android apps will also help your business in saving cost and making the process much simpler and easier. So customize your apps and help your employees in achieving augmented efficiency.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution