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Responsive Website vs. Mobile App, which are better?

It was only few months back that Google released a new algorithm in order to reprimand websites that doesn’t fall in the category of mobile friendly. This was certainly long coming as a larger part of Google’s overall search took place on mobile in February.

Thus, it’s evident that a mobile responsive website has become a necessity for businesses in 2015. Here we present the reasons why mobile apps are important for your business.


Well, every project has its specific needs and the cost varies on that basis. Meanwhile, if we speak of industry’s average costs it start from $6k usually whereas mobile applications go over $50k. Now with services like AppMixture it becomes easier to automate the app creation process while maintaining great quality at the right price.

User Experience

A business must aim to offer a great experience to your users. Now when Mark Zuckerberg was once quizzed over the biggest mistake he made as he was building Facebook, he said, “Building our mobile experience based on HTML5 instead of native apps. It would have killed us if didn’t realize in time.”

Even now rarely people use Facebook in the mobile browser as an app offer much better experience, feels ease to use and has much more functionality.


Speed has a huge connection with user experience as you can access information at a better pace. Thus speed plays a vital role in retaining the users. This way it’s obvious that a well written native app is way better a mobile website.


You need to put efforts to reach the place your users are and you are going to find them on mobile. The average time people spend on mobile is over the app as they happen to be way more convenient, user-friendly and secure.

Customer Base

You must find out whether you business requires an app or not, like it will mainly depend on the customer base. It is necessary to know that mobile app is not required by every business, such the bakery on the corner might not need a website. However, if you have most web users then building an app could prove to be of great use, particularly if your customers are returning. Nowadays the most effective ways to retain your customers is by push notifications or in-app messages that offer special promotions, loyalty programs, etc.


It’s the time when users have more choices then before as buying decisions are based on brand recognition. For instance if they know your company or your brand, they are more likely to make a purchase. Ultimately, the main aim is to build a brand and not a company. But does having an app actually create trust? Yes, it does. A company having an app gives an impression of some serious business. Meanwhile, the ultimate way to make your brand a success is through consistency.

How’d they find you?

A large number of people find products as they browse online while running searches. Now most people browse or search for particular solutions in the App store thus it is necessary to ensure that you easily get found. Well, app store optimization is the key for the same. You can get the app store optimization just after SEO and that is done by understanding the basics of app store optimization.

Offline Usage

Do remember that not everyone has data plans on their smartphones, thus via an app you can reach users even when they’re offline.

Time Investment

It’s not easy to build apps and it takes around 4-5 months to launch it. Now websites can be built faster using templates, but then even more complex e-Commerce store are easily built within a month with the use of services like Shopify.


Now the above aspects signify that mobile apps are way useful than websites. Most of points are in favor of mobile app, thus it’s clear that they are a lot better than responsive websites. So, this is the time that you take to business to new heights building mobile apps that are certainly every worth. Make good money and maximize the quality by creating apps with the help of a mobile app builder.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution