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PHP Tips that every developer must go by

Well, the significance of PHP development is known by one and all and it’s mostly used by all the developers. So, here we attempt to present the excellent tips that must be followed by PHP developers.


In case you are yet to enter the realm of Object Oriented Programming then you are certainly at the loss. OOP is mainly a method of programming done using classes, or Objects, which tie like things together, removing the necessity for code repetition while basic tasks of production are performed in a simple manner.  Objects are the classes that amass various functions together and they are wrapped in a wrapper which is reusable sans the need to rewrite functionality or procedures every time something needs to be done. OOP is faster, simpler, easier to debug, uses less server resources, less code, loads faster and is more logical to work once you have formed the basic principles.

Stay Away from Anything Ending with _once()

Everything that include() warns us if it fails, whereas if it requires() kills the script with a fatal error as it fails. However, do consider that include_once() and require_once() is crucial on server resources. Nothing can be done about it as this is the way PHP works. Just keep in mind that such things kill your server resources, mainly on a huge framework and if you wish to plan your code properly then it won’t be needed.

Develop With Error Reporting is On

You start a new project by turning error reporting to E_ALL, and that must be turned off ten seconds prior to going to production mode. This is essential with every project that’s build and there is nothing better than running a project in full production mode without coming across any error. Furthermore, with error reporting, you pick up small errors that ultimately grow up to harm your business.

Go for a Framework when needed

It was once said by Rasmus Lerdorf that framework should be used that he felt that framework is way slower as compared to normal PHP code as it comes to printing a simple “Hello World” application. Now keep in mind that firstly you are not Rasmus Lerdorf and secondly you don’t require building a “Hello World” application every time you program something. Frameworks can prove to be of great help and you just need to learn how the frameworks function first. This way things can be made so simple and at the same time there are lesser chances of writing bad code when it’s written by someone else in most times.

Use PHP’s Inbuilt Functions

Do you aim to count the number of keys in an array? This can be done by looping through the array and simply increase a value for each iteration. Besides, you can use the built in PHP function count(). So, this way PHP it’s evident that PHP has various built-in functions that can perform various things. Just check out the manual and ensure that it’s being done in a right manner.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution