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How a user acquisition strategy is vital for your app’s success?

Just as the launch of an app comes nearby, the whole scenario turns chaotic. Whether it is building your app store listing page or taking a final call on app functionality, it’s necessary to deal with several things in order to get ready. However, during the chaos, something we forget the most crucial aspects of launching your app, i.e. an app user acquisition strategy.

To start with, let’s understand an app user acquisition strategy:

This plan is meant to be employed along your app launch to boost discoverability and egging on people to download and use your app. Results show that the app store gets 1,000 new apps on everyday basis and if you expect your app to get noticed sans an effective marketing strategy, then you need to reconsider your decision. It’s the absence of an app acquisition strategy that most of the apps fail.

What is an app user acquisition strategy?

It’s the mean to allure new users to your app, with the tactics comprising of boosting your app’s discoverability through app store optimization, paid advertisements to targeted audiences, organic search, and more.

Difference between app user acquisition and remarketing?

Remarketing aims for current or lapsed app users to make a return to your app. Profile and behavioral data is helpful for app marketers to send highly personalized campaigns to make attempts to lure these users back in the app. Also, remarketing is allowed to take many forms from paid search engine display ads to social campaigns.

Is it possible to focus on a user acquisition strategy post app launch?

This is just not advised as the results would be highly negative. Thus the user acquisition strategy and app launch must be in concurrence in order to drive press coverage, social conversions and targeted traffic to your app store listing on day one itself. However, if you allow the launch of use acquisition strategy afterwards, then your competitors may get to snatch your engaged users.

Moreover, it’s just right to ensure your app success from day one itself. As we notice that competition is on the rise in the arena of mobile app development, it’s a harmful move to send your app out into the word sans a user acquisition strategy. Of course, you are not keen to put at risk a huge amount of time and money spent on app creation.

How do I create a solid app user acquisition campaign?

There are several elements that add up to make your app a huge success, from paid ads to app store optimization. You don’t really know where to start and thus we offer an all-inclusive online guide that addresses various key aspects of a solid user acquisition strategy. This can be used as a roadmap to fetch new users.

Well, we hope that a rock solid app user acquisition strategy helps you in a significant manner.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution