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Mobile apps for every industry

Robust mobile applications are becoming an effective business tool for the modern mobile savvy generation. The partnership between the industry and technology is becoming stronger with every passing day. There are numerous applications for a mobile app in all industries and thus, businesses are now acknowledging and responding to this ever evolving demand. Even traditional industries are inspired to adopt new technologies nowadays.

In this digital era, the smart phones have ushered a radical change in the e-commerce marketplace. Start-up business enterprises are earnestly trying to make their entire business set up mobile-driven, so as to reach out to the expanding audience base. Thus, investing in innovative mobile apps has indeed become essential for the business enterprises to ensure the proper penetration of their product in the global markets and incur ROI generation.

Importance of Mobile apps in every industry

  • Helps to focus on improving collaboration
  • Helps to deliver an enhanced experience
  • Adds value to the customers
  • Streamline communications
  • Increases overall productivity
  • Boosts ROI
  • Reduces costs
  • Simplifies business operations
  • Increases efficiency

Growing importance of mobile apps in different industries

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly important in all industries. Ranging from entertainment to fashion to textiles to transportation to travel and tourism, almost every industry is focusing on making their business mobile-centric.

  1. Travel and tourism industry

From tour operators to agents totourists, robust mobile apps have facilitated everyone.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in travel and tourism industry    

  • Travel apps offer the users real-time information anytime and anywhere.
  • Helps the users to plan their travel on the go.
  • Seeks to make all sorts of travel bookings an uncomplicated task. 
  1. Insurance industry

In today’s world, it is important to possess the facility to manage your insurance needs from your smartphone. The insurance industry is multifaceted and entails the interaction of many players at different levels ranging from carriers to brokers to agents.Mobile app will help to handle the varied challenges faced by the insurance industry.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in insurance industry

  • Mobile apps assist sales representatives to exhibit their policy offerings to their prospective clients.
  • Helps the agents to display policy applications, manage information as well as handle client profiles.
  • Helps the clients to do comparison between different insurance policies so that they can choose the best one.
  1. Transportation

A mobile app has endless possibilities in the traditional transportation industry. In fact, this industry has embraced mobile technology in a big way, for example, a supply chain optimization app greatly helps in tracking assets.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in trucking industry

  • Helps to manage and streamline their operations.
  • Keeps the demanding customers in complete touch
  • Helps to check the inefficiencies of reporting hours of service for drivers
  • Simplifies and digitizes the logging system
  • Helps to gearup vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhances safety
  • Helps to make deliveries on schedule
  • Optimizes routes
  1. Utilities

There are numerous ways in which mobile apps can be of great help in this industry, both from an environmental as well as economic standpoint.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in utilities industry   

  • Helps in closely examining depleting natural resources
  • A mobile application from a water utility will assist in keeping customers track as well as monitor water usage too.
  • In field of electricity and gas, the mobile application will suggest ideal usage times based on average consumption in a locality, thus,providing guidance to customers.
  • A mobile app can be used for safety measures, such as asset inspection. In this case, the engineers have an updated 3D view of pipelines, specifying important zones and critical points.
  • Engineers can also give their inputs and comments regarding any safety concerns.
  • Alerts can be sent automatically,thus preventing the occurrence of any hazardous situations.
  1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing companies are now operating with updated technology and utilising mobile applications to handle ever-increasing competition. They are incorporating modern technologies into the manufacturing process and are deriving valuable benefits in their business operations.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in manufacturing industry

  • Helps in tracking the lifecycle of a job from beginning to end.
  • Helps to manage workflow with increased efficiency.
  • Saves the financial resources of business enterprise by highlighting every step of the process.
  • Helps prevent errors and mismanagement.
  • Eliminates the need for re-ordering expensive new materials.
  • Helps to track employee visibility with logging and GPS information.
  • Helps the managers to handle operations efficiently for making the correct decisions.
  1. Healthcare

Innovative iPhone or android apps have made their mark in the complex healthcare industry.A mobile app in the healthcare industry has numerous interesting possibilities with the touch of a smart phone screen.

Amazing potential of the mobile apps in healthcare industry

  • A hospital can digitize the health records and procedures of its patients
  • Create a streamlined health care visit for patients
  • Helps the patients to make appointments
  • Helps the patients access medical records with efficiency
  • Track lab results with ease
  • Helps to deliver important educational and health care content to its patients.
  • Enables to conduct video chat with patients from remote and faraway locations.


Well! Mobile apps can assist in endless amount of operations in all kinds of industries. Embracing modern technology and applying it for running an industry efficiently can help you streamline operations, increase efficiency and even reduce costs.The possibilities are simply endless.As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace; more and more industries are recognizing the importance of innovative and robust mobile apps

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution