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Why is a Mobile App Landing Page vital for the success of your app?

A lot goes into the making of an application, and none can  realize it in a better way rather than an appreneur, who well understands the efforts that are associated with its pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

It’s no secret that app marketing begins way before you try to launch it. From pre-launch marketing activities till the app’s exposure, successful app marketing is about building excitement and curiosity.

For instance, you are a startup, with an amazing mobile app idea and you are set to make a great application. So, what are the main techniques that you will adopt for making the potential users understand the caliber of your application? Here, your mobile app landing page can come as a rescue, thus lets understand how?

What is an app landing page?

The Landing page is an app focused website, that is aimed to be the introductory home for your users and features the development lifecycle of your  application.

Numerous people are revering over the significance of having a landing page for a mobile application. However, the ones who say it’s not important, are simply not familiar about the significant role that it plays in the app promotion.

Of late, the landing page is the one that creates the much-needed buzz for your application before it’s launched. So, here you find a few reasons proving its significance in an application. Let’s have a look:

Before that, let’s glance over these crucial facts about why you need a landing page.

  • A landing page and web presence is where you find all information about your app.
  • It is useful in shaping your app’s identity on the grounds of design and content through its logo, typography, and color palette.
  • It helps in defining the story of your app in a sentence to help in showcasing its purpose and core features.
  • As the app development takes place, efforts for improvising the landing page must be carried on for making it more afresh and aloud.
  • To refine your marketing messages, analyze all the hard data that are gathered there on your landing page.
  • Your landing page and social channels should be used to collect all the emails related to user concerns and beta testers.
  • Landing page makes your interaction with the user easier, thus keeping the excitement level boosted after the app launch.

Now here’s how a Landing Page can be used as a marketing strategy.


For an entrepreneur, it is vital to find the conversion rates of people that visit your application. Presently, none of the two, be it the Google developer console or the iTunes connect, offer information in this regard.

As you aim to improve your application screenshots and messaging, it is vital to know the reason behind having just 20-30 downloads, even though there have been a hundred visits.

Without finding the exact reason, you will just keep hitting blindly in the bush and resultantly will keep spending a good sum of money over the already good optimization of listing.

A landing page helps you in having real-time details regarding these statistics, and eventually, prescribes the better way for making fruitful decisions so as to turn those remaining potential buyers as well.

Engage the users

A landing page greatly helps in engaging users before the app launch. It allows them to give a sneak-peek of your application interface and features time to time.

At the same time, you can share teasers, screenshots, and benefits with them, so as to conserve yourself with the correct marketing path.

In case, you have built a user base on different social media platforms, you can create the much-needed thrill for your app and at the same time can have the feedback that helps in enhancing your application.

Live Support

Live Support is greatly helpful in turning your prospective application buyers to app users. It allows you to get their doubts and queries cleared in a more efficient and reliable manner.

Few of the examples of chat systems are Zendesk Live Chat, BoldChat, Snap Engage, Olark, LivePerson, etc. Meanwhile, there are  Bot services that have recently evolved nowadays and facilitates automated chat system. It allows you to experience human-like services without asking you to employ any executive.

FAQs are also helpful

The addition of ‘frequently asked questions’ is just great. Like, in a question you can add the probable doubts you feel that your visitors might be having and plus you can affix those questions with the ready-made set of answers as well. Having FAQ’s on your landing page, allows you to resolve their queries plus elevates your clientele trust levels.

Referral Information

Even though you have options such as Mixpanel and Flurry, the question of assembling referral information remains unquestioned. After all, these two can offer you the referral information only if you specifically generate links which can be used for marketing. Despite all this, you might end up losing your organic referrals as well.

The information regarding the success and failure of your marketing steps allows you to take proper actions in order to promote your application. A Landing page allows you to avail the information through free tools like Google Analytics,

Tell your app’s Story

Well, the foremost thing that users desire as they search for a new app is a quick and wrapped up summarized app information. As you use a web home page for your traffic, it is important  to understand the fact,  that it usually distract and annoys the consumers when the information explorations becomes time consuming.

When you have a Landing page, you can promote your app’s brand with a brief description to catch your audience. Your introduction can be supplemented with more copies, defining the features and benefits.

At the same time, to create a landing page that shows all facets of your iPhone or android app can be used to demonstrate the features or to make a video so as to provide a comprehensive preview to the users. With visual info, users can grapple a real ideation about your functional mechanisms.


So by now, you must have assembled enough of reasons about the importance of a good landing page and what role it can actually play in app promotion. By creating a landing page and stepping through its evolution, you can attract the larger density of users. Thus, make necessary provisions for capturing the maximum app downloads via creating an alluring and a clarified app landing page.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution