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Top Benefits of having a Mobile App

Today, each one of us walks with the best thing in our pockets- Yes, Smartphones!

The core functionality extended by these highly utilitarian devices is much more than making phone calls. They permit us to run a host of applications that perform almost every conceivable task.

Today, business houses from all parts of the world are engaging themselves so as to offer a  prodigious range of products. As a result, they have successfully shifted from the corporeal world of handing print media, brochures and leaflets to the field of mobile.

It might be possible that till now, you have been surviving in this ruthless marketplace without a mobile app, but if you wish to gear up for the future, you will definitely require a competent mobile app.

Still not convinced? Well, I have listed top 4 major benefits of having a mobile app in order to be a progressive business venture. Let’s have a look:

  • Offer More Value to Your Customers

A business can only become a profitable venture if the customer reciprocates. You need to devise the best way of securing better customer engagement in order to ensure a sea of profits coming your way.

One of the best methods of increasing the customer interaction with your business in order to promote sales is by offering a level of value which they will simply not get anywhere else. You can do this by effectively creating a competent loyalty program within your app. Lets understand this with an example.

Starbucks Company exploits its mobile app by extending special rewards to all app subscribers exclusively. These rewards can be redeemed against the purchase of any coffee or snack at the Starbucks chain. This helps in motivating the customers to make a purchase. Furthermore, the company’s mobile app also features in-app payments, permitting the users to pay directly from the app, thus speeding up the entire transaction process.

So, having a mobile app with a loyalty program will help the app users to obtain loyalty points that can be later used for great deals on the products they wish to buy.

If you already have such a program, do not delay and get in incorporated within your app. If not, get one today!

  • Build a Stronger Brand

A mobile app seeks to provide total awareness of your brand by extending seamless communication with it. This way, you can foster customer’s trust and entice them into engaging with your brand.

An app will show the essence of your brand and make the users commit to it. In the past, distributing free fridge magnets, diaries, calendars and other similar memorabilia did the trick and served as a robust advertisement of your brand. Now, apps are here to simply the process and educate your customers.

This is the reason numerous business enterprises are looking to develop powerful strategies for mobile apps.

  • Connect Better with your Customers

With almost 3 billion people using high powered mobile phones, it is most convenient to proffer customer service through proficient mobile apps.

These iPhone or android apps have taught us that customer service isn’t merely about face to face communication. Having a solid mobile presence will help your business in providing the best experience of studying your product and deciding whether to buy it or not.

A lot of business marketers see these mobile apps as a great opportunity to extend improved and highly satisfactory customer service. So, if this customer service is one of your top priorities too, like it should be, get a mobile app that raises customer satisfaction.

  • Boost Profits

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to company sales. The more pleased and interested people become, the greater the demand curve gets. And for a fact, if you have a product that customers can’t wait to get, the demand is definitely going to provide you with some great returns.

Even if you have a responsive mobile website that can adapt itself to any of the numerous mobile devices available today, having a mobile app will only add to your sales while augmenting the customer experience.

So if you are not exploiting a mobile app to encourage your sale while making it much simpler as well as exciting for your customers to make a purchase, you are surely missing out on a lot in this ever evolving market.

Some More Benefits of a Mobile App

If you still aren’t convinced with the necessity of having a mobile app, we have got some more points for you to reconsider:

  • Stay competitive in this ruthless marketplace
  • Keep the users informed about new product launches and offers
  • Reach out to the mobile savvy and younger demographics
  • Sync customer’s emails and social media accounts.

Once to decide to create your own app, you may find out that the app has almost the same options available as your company’s website. However, it is true that the app has room to evolve into something much bigger. Later on, possibilities are that you rely upon your app to find out new directions and make your business into a greater venture.


Of late, a lot of companies have been seen investing in mobile apps expand their business and skyrocket their sales.

A mobile app is a sure shot way of acquiring a robust presence in the industry. The convenience factor involved cannot be denied and this coupled with new and quickly evolving technology will help in placing your business forefront.

So if you still think that your business can do without a competent mobile app, think again!

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution