looking for new ecommerce platform

Are you looking for a new eCommerce platform for your business?

Leaving your eCommerce platform and migrating to a new one is absolutely a cakewalk. As people take the big step, a lot of things cross their mind and they end up quizzing that what are the essentials they should look for while searching for a new Ecommerce platform.

To start with, you must have a solid reason behind the migration. Like what is that you find dis-satisfactory in your current solution. Like for some it was an incongruity between reports that their current solution could generate and the monthly statement from the payment gateway. There was an instance whether someone paid the bookkeeper for months to find about the reports, however that didn’t prove to be fruitful, hence was discontinued. The increased amount of order volume signaled towards more time spent on the reports and this was not generating desired results.

Ultimately, switching to another option come as the best alternative, though along with it suddenly certain things became obvious, such as the delay in core feature upgrades, the theme limitations as well as various other things.

It’s advised to have a trial run with the platform you are wishing to switch to. At the same time, before taking the big call, consider the many options out there and then only reach a final conclusion. Among the many solutions out there, that serve your purpose, you need to zero upon one that tends to be the most effective in every aspect. In the present times, Bigcommerce come around as a worthy option owing to its modern user interface, extensive customization along with the pleasant themes. Yet it’s best to take an all-inclusive view of the many platforms available, before committing to one. It is just vital as committing to a new ecommerce platform is a crucial decision.

Now as you go on to zero upon the provider, you will come as many names, known as well as unheard ones. Little research is needed and you are raring to go. Clients cited by the platforms in the case studies could be taken into consideration.

The next step in regard of the selection process is the existence of an app store. You are required to evaluate the prominence of mobile applications and find how recent these new mobile apps are. Along with it, you must find out which shopping carts have integration with the apps. At present, developers build apps for Bigcommerce and Shopify frequently.

All along the selection process, the necessary aspects that need to be considered are technical guides, blog posts and ebooks. Besides, Bigcommerce presents huge knowledge base and an industry-leading blog that delivers both industry news and inspirational ideas that are highly significant in business expansion.

Once the re-platforming is done, you undoubtedly do not intend to go through it all over again. Thus before taking the final call, do your homework, take benefit of free trials and get the guidance from others. This way you can make a sound decision on which platform is most favorable for your business. Finally as you are about to switch, make the move confidently. It may be tough, but will definitely be worth it. Good Luck!

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

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