As the number of mobile applications continues to grow, the number of mobile application development companies continues to increase as the market continues to grow.

Quickly searching Google for “mobile app development company” shows millions of results and an increasing number of mobile app developers.

It’s not easy to decide which company to choose when each company’s website is downloaded and the app’s ranking is high.

In this article, you’ll find questions that will help you make informed decisions as quickly as possible. You can request a review of a mobile app development company that can work with them without delay.

  1. Can I view your portfolio?

The first question in the list should be related to viewing the application combination. Ask your potential customer service provider to share their portfolio. This combination will understand the type of work they are working on and the complexity of the projects they can handle.

  1. Can you talk about some of the customer references?

Mobile App Developers should share information about the customers they work with and discuss the possibilities to communicate with their previous customers.

Companies often do not notify customers of the problem, but they should immediately signal the information as soon as they are not ready to share it or become uneasy.

  1. What mobile application development process do you follow?

An important factor in determining the cost and start time for mobile application development is the process that the application development organization follows.

Octal follows an agile development methodology for each project. However, some companies are still studying waterfall models.

The focus is on agile development because it ensures rapid delivery of applications while allowing rapid problem resolution.

If you work with a company that works agile, ask about sprint periods. If it lasts more than two weeks.

  1. Can I learn more about your team?

You’ll need to contact the development team for an important part of your mobile app development survey. Ask your agent to gain a deeper understanding of your team. The team’s experience, the number of people who will develop the app.

Knowing this tells you whether your company has the people and knowledge to handle the project.

  1. What is the user experience of the Approach App?

The user experience is the most important part of the mobile app development process. Everything from the future of the application to the ability to monetize depends on the type of experience your app offers to users.

Now, in order to provide a great application experience, the application development company must have a good voice, including the end user’s expectation as well as the trend of the main application of the application category.

The mobile application design process will be a fusion of both industry trends and user expectations.

* Tip: See your company’s product portfolio and learn about user experiences.

  1. Do you want to submit the app to the store?

After you develop your app, not all companies submit apps from the store. You need to make sure that you are providing the service in accordance with the app store’s submission guidelines.

* Tip: To control the submission process, please read the App Store Submission Guide.

  1. What are all the services included since the release?

Companies wishing to expand into mobile space generally think that most of their work is done with the development of mobile applications. But the truth cannot be far away. Mobile app development is an important part of the mobile business, but work continues after application development and deployment.

This is the type of service that you will provide to your service provider when you ask the business as they go and start the application. Whether you focused only on app updates, or if you continue to find and resolve the highlighted issue in the app reviews section.

  1. What communication mode do you use for updating?

In 70% of mobile application development cases, these services are outsourced to countries like India because they claim the same quality as an Australian or US mobile app developer.

The biggest problem that arises when the time zone changes are communication. It is important to be on the same page in terms of communication mode and time. So maintaining a communication model is part of the mobile app development survey.

  1. Who owns the ownership of the Code?

Code ownership is the next element to check before you start developing your application. When the project is assigned to Octal, we completed the application (including the code and wireframe) the client, the mobile application developers will have to save their own code.

If your company does not have code ownership, you tend to rely on your application development organization. You can contact the developer for each feature update that your internal technical team can perform. This problem does not occur if the company has code ownership.

  1. Do you develop applications for multiple platforms?

At the beginning of this time, you will focus on one platform, iOS or Android, you will have to start not to expand your platform of choice to you. If you’re starting with Android, you can use iOS because of platform monetization. When you start with iOS, you will see the user groups marked with Android.

* Tip – Visit the company with Flutter App Development or React Native App Development in the Services Suite.

  1. What is the structure of the delivery date?

When delivering a mobile app, the company estimates the delivery date of the mobile app. The delivery date is usually one week.

The scope of delivery is mentioned in the SLA and scope, but it is rarely specific. What you need to ask the application development organization is: A. The delivery date range, and B. What to do when the timeout occurs.

  1. Can the application function be modified beyond its operating range?

The scope of work is documented by the application development service provider and sent to the customer. Documents, they have more information about the application, this function should be, the technology stack, the estimated time of work, use the concept of final cost.

Some of these companies treat the scope of their work as Bibles and introduce them to Tee. If your changes are highlighted, additional charges will apply. What we did in Octal is that we have made room to change the scope of our work. The key deliverables remain the same, but the changes can be incorporated into the plan.

  1. What is the frequency of reports?

I think you should understand the concept of the agile development process completely because you are in the hiring of the company’s mobile application development phase. Well, the software available is the result of agile methods.

For every two weeks (Octal case), the mobile application development company will send a working model of the set of functions to the customer to understand what they are doing with the process.

Our situation is two weeks, but it may be related to other application development organizations. Therefore, ask them what frequency settings are sent through the output.

  1. What are all the services included in the cost?

The cost of developing a mobile application is made up of a variety of factors. Mobile app design, mobile app testing, and post-launch services.

What the app development company needs to know is that all services are included in the cost estimates sent, and the cost will be affected if more features are added.

  1. Do you develop wireframe before the project starts?

There is a very well-known mobile app development company that provides wireframe development services before collaboration begins. However, there is something like us, including a range of wireframe and work itself, based on first-class understanding.

The reason you must invest in an agent that provides wireframe services is that you have a clear understanding of what an app idea is and how a user should act.

Tip: When you search for mobile app developers, you can find many companies that offer wireframes for free, and some companies offer facilities at discounted prices. Ideally, all you need to do is use the first two or the first three choices to create a wireframe to understand your development ideas, rather than share your thoughts with many companies.

  1. What are the redemption options?

Check your app development company for exit options. There may be many unexpected events – the money may be insufficient or the process may not evolve as expected.

The last thing you need to do in all of this is that without an exit option. So before completing your brand, you’ll see the termination options that are associated with that SLA.

  1. Is there a complete internal team?

One of the most important issues when hiring a mobile app development company for the first time was whether the entire team was an internal employee. At Octal IT Solution, we have research analysts, mobile application designers, developers and QA team, they have a small cap, so many brands will be part of the process (in most cases is the design) outsourcing.