Maid Finder App Ideas and Business Models

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Entrepreneurs – An intermediary looking for on-demand service application ideas to create profitable businesses in the home services industry.

Home Service Provider – A person who wants to provide a new dimension to their business with an on-demand service solution.

We live in an era where the Internet almost commands everything. From taxi booking to catering orders and laundry completion. Why is the home service industry different?

With your own house cleaning app, you can build a profitable home service business that offers the best in housekeeping and cleaning services. Serviz, handy, Homejoy, fast cleaning, MaidPro phones, the best cleaners, get the little dragon girl, etc. are all market-oriented start-up service that have entered the on-demand application solution for handyman app.

You can provide high-quality cleaning services through the idea of a handymen-on-demand application or an entrepreneur looking for a show, or an on-demand solution to move the happiness of a trusted home service or business owner with the right needs.

On-demand service builds a home, or how to initiate user sharing to help you understand how to improve existing services can be guaranteed to go first three idea housekeepers.

Maid on-demand application ideas:

Maids App Development

 On-demand model

If you have an existing on-site cleaning service business with a comprehensive professional team, the handymen you need is an on-demand platform to get more business and enhance the customer experience. Simplify your life with real-time tracking of all service requests managed through mobile apps and the development of a tailored maid service app.

With the Maids On-Demand solution, customers can:

  • Press the button to ask the cleaning specialist to complete certain tasks.
  • Get a fixed fair price quote for your job.
  • Pay for your work online.
  • Assess the services of experts.
  • Make an appointment at your convenience.

With this on-demand model, business owners can easily use mobile applications and deliver quality services and experiences to their customers.

Check out the great news about this online business model.

 Online market

Entrepreneurs are able to organize a wealth of professional backgrounds and research professionals in the cleaning services you provide based on the online marketplace to provide the highest quality on-demand applications at the fingertips of the home service industry.

The online market works like Airbnb. Think of it as Airbnb for cleaning homes. Entrepreneurs can create markets by building two separate applications for home cleaning professionals and customers, who can hire personal cleaning professionals based on commissions, assessments and reviews.

Here’s how customers use this model:

  • Post a job request or hire a cleaning specialist near you.
  • Get a custom quote from another cleaning specialist.
  • Check out the cleaning professional’s comments and business overview.
  • Choose an expert and schedule an appointment based on requirements.
  • Post-work assessment and review services.

 Curation model

You can also develop an application-based platform that contains a catalog of skilled and professional home cleaners near you. Personal experts can develop mobile apps in the home service category list.

This type of application serves as a reference guide for your customers and provides you with complete information on the range of commonly used services, the technologies and equipment used, and expert reviews and comments.

Using this model, customers can:

  • Get a list of nearby home cleaning professionals.
  • Find qualified people for a variety of home cleaning tasks.
  • Get detailed information such as reviews, ratings, times, quotes and special device details.
  • Compare prices charged by other cleaning professionals.

What categories can I add to my on-demand app?

  • Regular cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Do not clean / enter
  • Cleaned generator

This is a basic service that you can use as a mobile app. Depending on your business needs, you can add categories and request any number of custom pages and request elements.

We can help you develop custom applications for your business. With on-demand solutions and services, you can organize, scale and expand your market to fit your business model.

The significance of mobile apps in everyday life is clearly not over. This amazing innovation is helping us stay organized. Today, house cleaning and online maid services have become a large market service. Entrepreneurs have great opportunities to create successful businesses. Take advantage of the power of mobile apps to give you a stunning digital experience that helps you gain a competitive advantage.

mobile app development

Need to provide cleaning or maid service for your company

Are you run an existing cleaning service company that already has a qualified professional team? Provide mobile applications to create platforms that customers can order/request easily and systematically. With mobile apps, you can automate the entire business model and focus on growing the business across the world without spending time on requests, time and overhead. Here are some of the main reasons to create a maid service app:

  • Mobile app to simplify your operation:

Optimize and streamline your cleaning or maid service business by focusing on services tailored to your needs.

  • Better booking:

Customers can schedule cleaning requests or available housekeeping appointments in a single tab. Customers no longer need more complicated calls or emails. The application provides a great user experience from the beginning.

  • Task tracking:

Operating a clean business is indeed a big problem. Organize your time and work schedules with the mobile app. This saves you time by reducing your work time and allowing you to focus on other projects.

  • Map to better track customer location:

With custom mobile apps, location tracking helps you track your customers’ addresses more effectively and helps your employees move more efficiently. This saves a lot of time and focuses on core activities.

  • Payment Gateway Integration:

Payment and transactions for housekeeping services provided using the Mobile Secure Payment option is faster and easier. The customer no longer pays by phone or waits for an error. They can pay directly from your app, and you can track and receive payments in a simple way.

  • In-app message:

The mobile app provides in-app messaging to bridge the gap between the business and your customers so you can immediately respond to customer questions about your service. This can help you interact with your customers and drive positive customer response.

  • Brand awareness:

Through brand positioning, there are many brands in the market. Mobile apps have a stronger ability to nurture brands and gain competitive advantage. You already have a business and a brand, but this helps provide more visibility.

Customer ability

Through a customized cleaning or maid service business mobile app customers can:

  1. View the list of family services closest to your location.
  2. Schedule and book the services you need in a single tab.
  3. Find the employee and identify the person to clean up.
  4. Evaluate, review and recommend the business to family, friends and colleagues
  5. Compare price and quality factors with competitors

How much does it cost to build an application?

In this digital age, customer behaviour has changed dramatically. People look forward to VIP treatment and no longer receive any treatment. If you are an existing cleaning or maid service provider, or if you plan to start your own home business, it is important to use mobile technology to meet your needs and requirements.

Mobile app costs depend on various parameters such as UI/UX, platform selection – iOS or Android, the features you want to add and the backend specifications you need.

Pricing starts at around $20,000, but it depends on the number of features you want. The cost of each project depends on a number of factors. You can help an expert determine the function and cost of the project.

Octal Info Solution has more than a decade of experience in providing intuitive mobile application development that combines technology to meet the unique needs of your business. Maximize your return on investment (ROI) to get to market quickly and attract customers.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution