Fantasy cricket app development to boost your businesss in 2019

Boost your Sports Business in 2019 with Fantasy Cricket Mobile App

Today the word ‘Fantasy sports’ don’t basically need an introduction, and the credit for the same needs to be given to this much-famed Fantasy cricket mobile app, “Dream11”, which gained instant prominence ever since its arrival. In fact, the popularity enjoyed by Dream11 and other similar platforms is the reason why Fantasy sports mobile application development is a rage nowadays. A number of sports businesses are keen on cashing on to the frenzy of fantasy sports app and earn revenues through them.

Note: Fantasy game is not solely for cricket, but there are various other fantasy games as well like, Fantasy Football, Fantasy basketball, Fantasy baseball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy Kabaddi. And as per the business requirements of a sports business, the mobile app can be created.

How has been the growth of Fantasy Sports in India?

All across the world, Fantasy sports business has been just scaling up ever since its arrival and speaking of US alone, it is today estimated to be a €23 billion industry and has somewhere around 57 million fantasy sports players in Canada and US alone. Now despite the fact that just a small group of traditional players may be playing daily fantasy games, still a research conducted by Eilers showsthat in the year 2019, the everyday games would be generating €2.3 billion in the entry fee and then on it will be growing 41% annually continuously. This way, it can be expected that by the year 2020, it will reach a striking sum of €12.8 billion.

Now getting to the Fantasy sports market in India, well it has only grown in the last few years, with today there being no less than seven million players associated with the fantasy sports n varying sports like Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, and Hockey.Speaking in terms of percentage, the growth rate each year varies from 30-50%.Well, as we take note of these numbers, it can be said that in the coming three years, the country is expecting to reach around 50 million users. Hence, it is clear that the craze of fantasy sports is only certain to grow in the coming time.

Why it is the right time to invest in Fantasy Cricket App business?

Fantasy cricket

The craze for Fantasy apps is quite evident among the masses currently, with the most number of people being much aware ofthe existence of these apps, mainly the cricket enthusiasts. Statistics revealed by Fantasy Sports Trade Association ( states that around 18 crores Indian are in knowledge of this domain and hence it is very much a profitable move to take advantage of the situation.

The current state is that there are around 20 million users, which have grown 10x since 2 million in 2016, so the growth rate of 900% and with time, it is only bound to grow and the popularity is dying no time soon and is here to stay. Going by the figure of Dream11, they have somewhere around 1.8 core registered users. Can’t you imagine the fame already? It’s big and it will no bigger in the coming times, and don’t wait and get started and take your sports business to new heights. After all, it won’t be a good move if you choose to not make the most of this time when IPL, Asia Cup, World Cup is in the lines. So, make the most of the next season cricketing events by launching a Fantasy cricket mobile app.

Meanwhile, in case you are contemplating this as a startup option, then there are two options available: One Daily Contest & a Second league-based contest. As per your business objectives and business model, you can pick any model from these two. And with two ICC events lined up in from of World Cup 2019 and Indian Premier League 2019, be ready to win hearts through your app.

How your business can benefit from the Fantasy Cricket Mobile app?

Well, there are innumerable reasons that entering into this arena can be great for your sports business, however, if one needs to consider the most important ones that how the app can boost your sports business, then here are the two reasons:

Low Investment & High Returns: Who doesn’t love the prospect of getting high returns while making a low investment? Well, every business person does, isn’t it? This is the case with the Fantasy cricket mobile app, where the investment is quite low, but the returns are ensured to be high. This is why you must not ponder twice before joining in the bandwagon.

Secure environment: This is yet another crucial aspect. Well, an app like this involves numerous transactions every second, and when the environment is secure that is not an issue. Thus, by providing a secure platform to your users, you can appeal to a myriad of cricket lovers. Security is the key, after all.

Featured Fantasy Cricket Apps: So a fantasy cricket mobile app involves ‘scores’, thus, one requires to be really accurate with them as well as faster, as scores keep on changing with every next ball. So, you must have realized that the real struggle for the developers is to fetch the factual data in a lot faster manner. Once they find Accurate Data providers, half of their job is accomplished. Apart from that, it is also essential to work with real-time scores. Fantasy mobile app needs player performance reports in order to rate players. This way, the developers and the business that succeeds in getting through these challenges get to stay in the market. Roanuz Cricket API is the one that most developers rely on to get factual, accurate, developer-friendly, and cost-effective data.

Reports say that more than 75% of top Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps have been created via Roanuz Cricket API. Talking about the few prominent Fantasy Apps, they are:

  • Dream11
  • Duggout
  • Fantain
  • Oye Captain
  • MyTeam11
  • HalaPlay
  • Super8
  • SelectToWin
  • Play Zo
  • Fanmojo

These Fantasy apps allow the users to participate in top leagues from across the globe, like IPL, RAM SALM, PSL, CPLT20, BPL, PSL, NATWEST T20, BBL, SLPL, MCL, EPL, & ICE T20.

What can be the Business Model for Fantasy Cricket Mobile App?

No start-up can turn to be a big success without proper plans and its implementation. The same goes for the Fantasy cricket app development. Such an app needs to be constructed in a manner that real players, sports, and fans can evolve from the world. It allows its users to participate in live and active games and thus the business model needs to ensure all of that.

Here are a few important aspects that go into the business model of a Fantasy Cricket App:

  • Allow users to free sign-up.
  • Users must be able to earn a bonus in referring to their friends and family. So as the new user’s signup using a referral code, the bonus points can be earned by the app users.
  • For each of the match, users need to create their team of eleven players, that consists of a brilliant set (as per their choice) of bowlers, batsmen, & all-rounders.
  • Upon the creation of a match at each time, certain points should be credited to the user’s account, and that budget can be used by the user to create a team. In order to get each player in the team, the user is offered a certain budget and it is on the user that how s/he uses that budget to create a team.
  • Once the team is finalized and captain and vice-captain are made, it is then the time to enter the competition, where an entry fee needs to be paid, and this is from where the app will generate most of its money.
  • There is a specific winning amount fixed for each contestant and there is a certain limitation of the number of teams that will win, and the sequence to distribute the winning amount as per the team. As per the rank positions, the amount is distributed.
  • Based on the number of teams and the contest, the app decides the number of teams that will be declared a winner.
  • Prior to the real game begins, the lock-in period is announced by the app where no changes or alterations can be made in the team.

How the Fantasy Cricket Mobile apps like Dream 11 earn its revenue

These kinds of apps are mostly freemium apps, where the fans can register for free and just submit the entry fee to become a part of the team. Its business model is a kind where the users won’t be able to see any net profit without a few million users joining in.

Like in the case of the Dream11 app, it earns revenue of INR 4-6 crores (US$6,00,000-$9,00,000) from each match. Besides, it enables the users to take part in other sports as well as NBA & football.

What Points must be considered while entering into Fantasy Cricket App Business?

Here are a few of the things that must be kept in mind before entering this arena:

Registered Company: Only go to a registered mobile app development company that excels in the creation of Fantasy cricket app development or has experience in the past. It is crucial to ensure the delivery of a great app that makes huge revenue.

Dedicated Team of Developers: It is a lot of work, so as you get the app developed, ensure that a dedicated set of developers are assigned to your Fantasy cricket mobile app development. These developers and designers should be great at what they do and must be well-versed with your requirements and objectives with the app.

Skilled Developers: Getting skilled developers on board is surely crucial to ensure the creation of a sophisticated and robust app.

User-Friendly App: THIS is the most essential aspect. No matter what exclusive features are offered by your app, but if it is not user-friendly then that’s a great failure and such an app is sure to be doomed.

Authentic: In such an app, a lot of monetary transactions take place, hence it is crucial that the platform is authentic so that the user feel secure and safe.

What are the features of a Fantasy Cricket Platform?

The features can be divided into two categories:

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel

Features of the User Panel:

  • Login & Signup: Users can sign-up and log-in into the app using their username & password or via social media account.
  • Freemium & Premium Contests: Here the users can choose whether they want to use freemium features or premium features. Freemium is obviously free, while there is a certain charge for a premium membership.
  • Account & Verify: Account Details are entered by the user, which are then verified by the admin.
  • My Contests: This section shows the contests that a user has participated in.
  • Create a Team and Join Contest: From here, the user can create a team and then join the contest.
  • Wallet & Transactions: In the app wallet, the cash bonus and other winning amount are added and then can be transferred into the user bank accounts, whenever desired.
  • Leaderboard: This is where all the information related to the game, and your position is displayed.
  • Refer & Earn: This section allows users to refer the app to their family and friends and then earn cash bonuses in rewards as the new users use your referral code while joining the platform.
  • Add Cash Payment: Here the cash payment is added to the app wallet, from where the users can withdraw the money.

Features of the Admin Panel:

  • Web Login: From here, Admin can log in to the app using his/her account credentials.
  • User Management: This section allows the admin to manage the user, like add, delete, edit, activate, or deactivate user accounts.
  • Match Management: From here the entire matches can be managed by the admin and they can edit/delete/add/activate/deactivate matches.
  • Contest Management: From here the admin will be able to manage the entire contests that are running and can edit/add/delete/activate and deactivate contests.
  • Player Management: The admin can manage the player from here, like edit/add/delete/activate and deactivate players.
  • Player Point Management: Each of the player points can be managed from here by the admin.
  • Earning Management: From here the admin can view the entire earning with several filters.
  • Payment Management: from this section, the admin can manage the various payment modes in the app.
  • Team Management: Teams can be managed from here by the admin. Like admin can edit/add/delete/activate and deactivate teams.
  • Content Management: From here, the app content such as the Help page, About US, Contact Us and other content can be managed.
  • Cash Bonus Management: Cash bonus that is deposited into the user account can be managed from here.
  • Transaction: All the deposits that are made by the user to the app wallet or the withdrawals made by the user from the app wallet can be managed by the admin from here.
  • Account Verification: From here the admin verifies the account information added by the user while creating the account.

Additional Features of Fantasy Cricket Mobile App:

Image result for Additional Features of Fantasy Cricket Mobile App

Live Match Score API: This functionality provided by the app developers enable the users to watch Live scores for a number of sports and matches, apart from the game highlights, original video programs, and expert analysis.

Cash Flow API: This API needs to be integrated by the developers for easy cash flow as developer transfer to their app wallet and as they choose to withdraw the amount from the app wallet.

Push Notification: With the help of this functionality, alerts and messages are sent to the app users regarding information, such as when it is time for the match to begin, or to notify them to create a team.

Real-time Analytics: This feature is quite crucial for Fantasy Sports Development as here the data is required to be captured in real-time as well as it is constantly stored & updated in real-time.

Payment API: This API needs to be integrated into the fantasy sports app to allow easy payments via Debit/Credit Cards, e-Wallet, Net-Banking, etc.

Auto Responders: This functionality is for use when the user chooses to auto-respond to certain questions.

Real-time ChatBots: This functionality allows the users to head to Chatbots for instant information or for any quick-fix (help is just a chat away ;))

Reward Management: From here, the management can manage the rewards earned by the app users.

Tech Stack:

  • AngularJS for Frontend
  • Laravel / Codeigniter PHP framework
  • js for Algorithms
  • Bootstrap HTM5 CSS3
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Load Balancing

Fantasy Sports Data Hub & Third-Party Data Providers

As the prominence of fantasy sports is quite evident among the audience, hence it is not surprising to find numerous fantasy sports data providers out there who are offering real-time sports content across a number of games, like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, etc. These providers offer fast and accurate fantasy data available in easy formats to a myriad of online fantasy sports vendors, mobile clients, and media (all across the globe), who are into collecting and distributing this sort of data. Fantasy data providers offer comprehensive content to fantasy startups& enterprises, and this way they are successful cater to the data requirements and demands worldwide.

You can easily browse this data on NFL (National Football League) for fantasy football sport, NBA (National Basketball Association) for basketball, and several others for different sports leagues. The data can be integrated pretty easily with the web as well as mobile applications, thus enables the developers to fetch self-explanatory and intuitive sports data feeds available.

Speaking of the third-party providers, the famed ones are La Liga Live Scores API, Bundesliga Live Scores API & Premier League Live Scores. There is this NFL Arrest API that offers users access to a database that comprises of arrest records for the NFL Players of around 15 years. Through this API, developers can easily query desired data. Same way, Stats FC Dugout REST API enables developers to access & integrate the functionality of Stats FC Dugout with the other apps. With the help of third-party data providers, app developers can easily fetch advanced real-time charts and statistics, LIVE play-by-play stream, live updates via mobile/web, and a lot more. They are even at the privilege to choose data as per their requirements such as Live vs. 5-minute delay vs. post-game data. This data is also offered by third-party data providers in multiple formats like JSON, CSV, etc.

Good news!!! Fantasy Sports Business is absolutely legal, play with no worries

Well, what further doubles the joy of playing fantasy sports and taking part in it is the fact that it is entirely legal. Some extra brownie points here. Thing is that ‘Fantasy sports’ is a Game of skills, same as Rummy, and hence it is not covered under anti-betting laws like the game of chances as brag and flush are. This is why numerous appeals made to Supreme Court to initiate criminal actions against India’s leading Fantasy sports biggie Dream11 has been rejected each time.

What are the common challenges faced by the Fantasy Sports App Developers?

Even though it is a lot of fun for the developers to create a Fantasy sports app, but there are a few shortcomings that they are often faced with. The most common challenges come in two forms and here they have been mentioned below:

Learning Games: So, creating an app is a different task altogether as it comes to the knowledge of the game. Often it happens that even though the developers are pro at their domain of building the app, but as it comes to learning of game nuances, they find it challenging. Hence, this is one arena where the developers need to gain proficiency in terms of mental aptitude and keenness to learn the game and gain an understanding of it, with that being crucial in the development of the Fantasy sports app.

Data Integration & Filtration: A lot of data goes into the development of the Fantasy sports app and this is the reason that data integration & filtration is a time-consuming task here. Often developers face this issue of inconsistent data integration & error-free data filtration, as there is a truck-load of data concerning numerous players, their physical attributes, their scores and a lot more, and this needs keen filtration and homogenous data unification.

Hence, in order to create a brilliant and sophisticated Fantasy sports app for mobile/web, it is crucial for the developers to combat these challenges and offer the best to their clients.

How much does it cost to create a Fantasy Cricket App?

As it comes to determining the app development cost, there are three factors that affect the cost, they are:

  • Complexity of the Mobile App
  • Size of the Mobile App
  • Number of platforms you want to develop the app for

Apart from these, there is one important factor that majorly influence the development cost, i.e. Development region where the app is being developed.


  • For US Based developers, the cost is $50-$250/hour
  • For Eastern-Europe Based developers, the cost is $30-$150/hour
  • For India-Based Developers, the cost is $10-$80/hour

This way, if you choose to get your Fantasy cricket app with average features and for a single platform developed in India, then it would cost somewhere around $15,000-$30,000. In case, you choose to go for the additional features and for both Android & iOS Platforms, then the cost would be around $50,000.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution