Did you know about these hidden costs of building a mobile app?

Are you planning to develop and launch your mobile app? Well, if you reply in assertive then you certainly need to evaluate the right partner for development and the cost of developing the product. Lest you have performed some research in the market then you must know that this industry is extremely fragmented with costs ranging from $15,000 to 5, 00,000 as this is helpful in developing the first version of an app.

Mobile App Development Cost
Did you know about these hidden costs of building a mobile app?

How to start?

All along the years, the million of developers have helped startups and enterprises in building over 150 apps and website around various platforms. It is necessary that you find the right development partner at the right cost. So here we bring to you the necessary elements that influence the cost of building a mobile app thus a better decision can be made.

Here are the things you need to take care of as you build a serious mobile app business because this involves higher risks and foremost do keep in mind that a great quality app can never be developed quickly and it’s quite expensive to make it.

  1. Set your priorities or objective

As you choose your development partner, you must prepare your priorities list or business objectives. Accordingly open all your cards evaluating what is most important to you.

To start with, no one wants to give up on the visual design and a great user experience for a highly functional application as this is useful in validating your concept. Now the bugs and workflow issues may come up however it’s of no use as you get to the market with a functional product that helps you validate quickly and tends to be less expensive.

Meanwhile, in case you build a Tinder competitor or an on-demand app, it is possible that users of such categories and apps have already experienced greatness and doesn’t have high expectations from your end.

  1. Quality of resources

As it comes to software development industry it usually happens that you get what you pay for. What involves the highest cost in the development is the cost of labor or resources. You need to be careful with the quality of resources, mainly in the software industry as that’s directly in proportion to the pricing. This happens because the demand for quality developers prevails over the supply and a good developer gets paid above the industry standards.

Now this affects the quality of app these teams develop for you. When there is a difference of 50 percent in pricing in two companies you know what you’re paying for.

  1. Onsite versus offshore

There are no prizes for guessing that the developers in the developed markets are going for be more expensive as compared to the developing markets. You can’t find a $150 per hour developer pricing in India like you get a $12 per hour developer pricing in the U.S.

Software development needs to be outsourced to offshore companies as you get good quality resources in big numbers as well as the cost benefit. Like several of Apple’s software used in your Macbook are developed and maintained in India.

  1. Infrastructure

What mainly add up to the cost of building a mobile app aren’t the features but the infrastructure needed to build them. Like, third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) can’t be controlled by the developer’s environment and raises the costs significantly. Other than that you need to take care of the data storage (in-app or backend database) and the method used depends on the complexities that have a huge impact.

Lest you desire good traction for your application then the scalability needs to be engineered at the ground level, rather than at the backend. These complexities of the application impact the intensity and this influences the costs. Few elements in your app need an expert hand to work them.

  1. Estimation or project understanding

This greatly influences the costs required to build an app. You must find out whether your developer or the stakeholder very well understands your requirements or not. There are several elements that need to be taken care of at the initial level or it may cause hindrance at the later stage. This is going to increase the costs mid-way, affecting the relationship.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution