Tips to Make Money Out of Your Mobile App

Mobile App Revenue
how to generate best revenue from your mobile app

Making money from an mobile application is not easy; however, surprisingly some of the app publishers are getting revenue from their apps. Placing a price for apps is considered a race to the bottom, and the way the users access their smarphones and tablets, it makes the ordinary norms of marketing redundant.

For instance, if you are dealing in desktop software the arena of advertising and social media is open for you to promote it.  The following insight will let you understand how exactly you too can make money through an app:

App Advertising

App advertising is one of the most common practices that app owners bring into use to get some revenue from it. They simply add their apps in advertising to monetize it. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect platform to get a free ’lite’ version of an app with an alternative to upgrade. The makers of free apps may not be best placed to appoint teams of advertising, sales people, but it is not required. You can opt for any mobile ad networks like InMobi and AdMob. Moreover, Google’s own ad service is easy. These networks provide simple integration with apps, assisting you to start earning almost right of the bat.


This is again a very common tool to monetize your aim through an app.  It requires a certain level of tech input. In case, you have a particular app that targets a specific group, then it is possible that someone may sponsor all of it for a particular period of time in order to get to their audience. To crack a deal, you will require contacts, but a sponsorship is extremely needed than any run-of-site. Any sponsor who is going to make a use of your site will surely pay more than the price of the entire individual advertising slot.

In-App Purchases 

A relatively famous way of getting great revenue out of your app is to provide the app away and then make the users pay for additional purchases. For example, power up and games can also be sold. Providing additional content to readers of magazine apps can be one of the ways. However, this is technically a little more touch idea as you have to build a payment system. Usually, some form of payment-holding firm like PayPal would be required and will entail giving away some bucks you earn. Moreover, advertising or sponsorship it can be difficult amounts of revenue to foreshow.


Another simple way to generate revenue is upgrade as you have to offer a lite edition of your app for free, but give users an opportunity to purchase a more costly edition with some enhancements. With a few of our other methods, you can associate it. Free app carries advertising, but the chance to upgrade refers to that for a small one-off or annual price your users can enjoy.


Bundled Deals

This is one of very popular ways of making money though an app, however, the advantage of an app often can be combined with a package of services for which you ask in payment, but for the app you do not charge anything. You can understand this as there is a company, which pays a decent amount of money for business analytics, and one of the employees access that data basically from his smartphone. The app is absolutely free, but to get the info you need to sign up and for that the employer charges.

Chargeable Apps with Add-on Features

This is one of the monetization schemes that have recently got a lot of buzz; however, its criticism has nothing to do with its success. A number of people think that it is not fair to pay to download an app and then keep on paying to avail more features. It can be tricky form many to create on this, however, it is done smartly with a value proposition, chances of getting it work amazingly, and it has worked. At least numbers tell the entire story. The flight tracker app is one of the examples where this strategy is applied and it comes in top 100 apps, the name is Flight Radar PRO.


Anyone can make money from an app and generate a huge amount of revenue and to do that you do not have to explore the world. Just read the people around you. What are their habits? What are their tastes and what exactly can assist the best way.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

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