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Best Apps for iPhone in 2016: the most Paid and Free Apps Around

In a smartphone, any operating system no matter how splendid it is, is worthless in the absence of Apps, which give meaning to the system and enhances the consumer experience. In regard to the same, iOS too is no more an exception because what keeps its platform apart from its counterparts is its ecosystem; therefore, the apps should be of the highest quality, authentic and has a lot of value, and then only it will get an entry to the app store.

However, it is very difficult to find out the best iphone apps for this platform; therefore, after digging out much we have brought to you a list that will satiate all your needs for various tasks that you conduct through apps and you can make the most out of it.

Twitter Inc

Without Twitter, how would be the modern world? If you want to express yourself in a few words, this one has it all for you. This social media platform permits you to share bite-sized updates with the world and this is popularly known as Twitts. Twitter gives you the liberty to share your views through text, images, weblinks and videos. This amazing platform has not only attracted a number of professionals from marketing and media industries but also become a central stage for them to reach masses. This medium is embraced hugely for its instantaneous interaction and the service’s widespread as a target for communities of all types, from celebrity followers to political groups, TV viewers to sports fans, gig goers to political activists. Moreover, those who love discussions, trending topics appear at the corner of this app.

CamScanner Pro

Now, you no more have to get yourself troubled for looking for shops to get your papers scanned or have to install a costly scanner at your home. Say good bye to pain and get a huge relief by installing CamScanner Pro, which is a great tool with an ability to scan and save your documents as image files or PDFs. Thus, you’re all set to organize files, share with anyone on any platform on the go. In addition, using the cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, you can store them easily. Also, you do not have to keep multiple copies as files will be automatically synced across all the devices.

TapeACall Pro

This tool allows you to record calls that you are making or getting. Simply, open the app and tap to record and you are done. Further, you can save and share it on various platforms as per your requirements. The kind of convenience that you get through this app is unique and it makes it essential for calls that you will require to refer later. Moreover, its premium characteristics provide a lot of hype to this app.


Keeping it simply yet effective is the major USP of this app, which is an incredible and absolutely free tool for those who need to keep a track of errands, daily tasks, shopping lists and work tasks with making things not so complicated. It is a huge, streamlined option with a variety of effects and widgets that help to operate it effectively.


Fed up with collecting receipts, bills and other tiny but valuable paper chits, Invoice2go helps you sort out all such issues. It makes saving receipts, signing documents, generating statements, putting location information and scanning information extremely convenient majorly to keep your business organized. With this app, you can actually know through a visual representation as they create real-time charts how exactly your business is performing. You can create three invoices for free with Invoice2go with an alternative to upgrade to Invouce2go Pro.


Most of us want to be up-to –date, productive, healthy and relaxed, however, the rising pressure in our lives is snatching the opportunity to attain these vital facets, essential for a true life, from us. However, the list mentioned above is a courteous effort to convey a message to all the iPhone users that how can they bring changes to their lives by simply taking help from these apps, and the best part is that most of them are absolutely free.



Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution