Today most companies and businesses are keen on having an exceptional website that helps them beat the competitors. Same way WordPress is a free CMS for web development using PHP & MySQL. So here let’s explore the other useful platforms for web building that are substitutes of WordPress.

An open source CMS WordPress is useful in building myriad websites and this vouches for its popularity. However, apart from CMS WordPress there are several other platforms as well that are useful for perfect web application development.

These are the top alternatives of WordPress:

1. Wix: This great competitor of WordPress is highly useful in creating a website and it allows cloud based web development. It is easy to develop HTML5 websites and mobile sites on it through their online drag and drop tools. Wix is just the right option to create small personal and business websites and you get it totally free of cost and it has many of pre-designed default templates better than WordPress templates.

2. Joomla: This top-running development company is the most popular cms for web development. It’s an open source, multi-intensional content management system that can be used in all industries such as business, education, hospitality, non-profit organization, health, social networking and many more. It has way more features that WordPress and runs on almost all web hosting platforms.

3. Tumblr: A social networking website, Tumblr is also a popular micro-blogging platform allowing to submit short-form blog/articles and multimedia, including images, videos, quotes, web links, etc. This is quite popular nowadays owing to the animated GIF images. You can use Tumblr as it is quite easy as compared to WordPress noting it requires only sign up and can be used straightly.

4. Squarespace: Squarespace is just apt if you are looking for a paid template for your website. It was in October 2014 that the latest version of Squarespace was released and it delivers greatly elegant modern looking templates. Squarespace is quite easy to use and handle conflict to WordPress as well, as it has by default amazing templates, which you just have to customize.

5. Weebly: Weebly is certainly easier and less complicated website building platform among all websites and blog creating platforms. If you want a simple and sober design for your website that Weebly is just the right option. It isn’t extensive or modern looking and is designed not just for developers but for every one developing their website sans touching any line of code.

6. Shopify: When it comes to e-Commerce web development then Shopify is the most amazing software for your online store. Apart from Magento, this is the only platform that offers delicate eCommerce solution for your online business. It handles a hosting part of your online store whereas Magento doesn’t offer the same. In Magento you need to host your site on your own.

7. Drupal: Just as WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is a corresponding open source CMS with extra fortified technical potential. This framework is based on PHP and is more suited for business websites. You can use it as a back-end framework.

Now as it comes to choosing a web development platform, it depends on your web requirements and what you actually desire out of it and aim to achieve from your business website. Each platform has its own pros & cons and you have to settle for one on the basis of your requirements.