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Why backlinks are still the backbone of your ecommerce strategy

Today ecommerce is getting bigger and mightier with online trade catching trends so fast. Name any industry, there’s an online store to virtually everything that is meant to be sold. This fashion tends to be growing among businesses and making the competition among these online traders fiercer with each day passing. Alongside, the paid ads are getting ever more expensive and hard to access. The campaigns that you run in order to make your site visible are becoming harder to sustain.

Here, basics of SEO come to your rescue with the technique of link building as the backlinks and the fundamental layering of the web sources matter more than anything else that include even the paid campaigns. They are rightly addressed as the backbone of your ecommerce strategy as they make you connect with the search aspect addressing the factors like longevity and strength, meeting basic search criteria and algorithm most effectively. Backlinks are important because they allow you to stand ahead of the large competition that you receive from thousands of similar businesses who sell themselves with business keywords and tags all similar to yours.

Forming a good backlink strategy you make other important sites point towards your content with resourceful backlinks, making you feed search engines better.

You get acknowledged

When you have been acknowledged through a link from another site, this gives search engines an indication that you are endorsed by this website which marks you important. In another similar case, when the link provided by the other site is a ‘nofollow’ link, then it will simply confirm your existence without vouching for you. No matter what, in both the cases you are getting a genuine follow-through which is good for your search engine score.

Quality matters

Further, if you go more into the quality aspect of it then you will see that different links have different impacts. A link that comes from a high quality and more relevant site like BBC has more weight and authority than some link from any other random site. Also, going with unique sites that are not linked with you already, make a better choice to have. This is probably the reason because of which backlinks are so functional and meaningful.

Only hard work pays

A bad policy to have here is buying backlinks which all of us should avoid. These may contain completely useless or sometimes even spammed links that would only get your site penalized or delisted for having them linked with you. Authentic links from credible sources can only be earned through hard work and not bought so choose to go the virtuous way.

Setting a goal makes sense

If you are really serious with your backlink endeavor, you got to set a goal. It is a long term strategy and you have to draw milestones to it in order to make it work favorably for you. If you are going with a proper plan, you will be able to track and manage your entire effort better and get positive results out of it.

Your ecommerce project would see a lot of affirmative energies to go big when you have the right backlink strategy in place. Just go and get the grip of it and make your complete search gradient gain the right surface to help you do better with your online trade venture and you will achieve the rest quite easily.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution