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Laravel left CakePHP behind in Race of Leading PHP Based Frameworks

As a developer, all you want your framework to do at least is offer you a mix of reliable features, interactive environment and a host of extensions to help you go find easy solution to your development needs. Laravel has it all in a comprehensive facility that allows you to go about coding extensive applications with utter ease. Of many reasons mentioned above that make Laravel one of the top PHP based frameworks we have today, become even more eligible with the clean and simple coding standards of the framework.


When compared to CakePHP, Laravel stands steps ahead with the new line of features and technically advanced resources it has. The major aspects in which you would find Laravel better as a user are Design Patterns which are far ahead in its offerings compared to CakePHP. With Laravel, you just not get to see Active-Record, MVC and event-driven pattern but also Observer, Singleton, Façade, MTV with Dependency Injection. Taking it further, the modal resource arrangements come along expressive syntax and smart interface to offer you an inclusive suite to work on latest web standards and build immaculate applications quite effortlessly. To top it all, the template language it uses includes Blade, PHP, Smarty and Twig which makes you choose quite independently over CakePHP that only allows you to work with PHP. Scripting languages that Laravel supports include PHP and JavaScript which again makes it dependable to work with in varied conditions.

Laravel is comparatively quite younger to CakePHP and that makes it use latest factors of development and deliver excellent resource capacity to meet new programming needs with details that are particularly newer and fresher. There’s no doubt that even CakePHP has upgraded continuously with time but that’s all built on the conservative plans it is engaged with since ever. Laravel, which was launched in 2011, has everything to do with modern development possibilities and for that matter understand what in needed by new generation of developers. It understands their culture and the everyday situation they face lately. This makes Laravel concentrate fully on the latest engineering entities and not bothering about what is an age-old approach towards development, unlike CakePHP.

The sleeker, broader and more inventive features offered in Form Request, Artisan Scheduler, Route Filters, and New Eloquent Model besides the extensive plug-in support definitely make Laravel first choice among developers leaving most of the top frameworks outdated and ruined.

With JS and CSS widgets incorporated with solid structures, simple webpage layout designed templates and authorization library integrated all across to be referred at a stretch by users, Laravel comes as a framework to reckon with. The entire phenomena including the Web Flow, HTML Syntax, Programming Paradigm, Multi Tasking, Throttling, Documentation and other techniques towards web development are addressed in an expansive and collaborative manner. All the functionalities put together along with the newer and advanced engineering drive offered by Laravel makes if leave CakePHP far behind in the race of leading PHP based frameworks.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution