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What are the main wrong ingredients in your iPhone App Recipe

The App store is replete with millions of apps for various needs. Apps provide help for health issues, banking solutions, shopping and to even spy on your spouse. An mobile app developer has to think out of the box to make a mark in the app world.

The Apple App store maintains a healthy ecosystem. It stringently follows certain rules to maintain a high-end and user-friendly apps. Thus understanding iOS App development is quite essential. The novice app developers, need to understand each point clearly before beginning their work.

The review process at iPhone App Store

The review team has a set of parameters to judge an App. The review team starts the analysis right from the first parameter, if it comes across a glitch in it, next step is being ignored and the app is simply rejected at that very instant. As a result, if your App contains some other problems too, and in case they are not discovered in the very first go, then chances may arise that on its resubmission the few more mistakes may occur.  Thus, it is better to develop an App with experienced hands than with the novices. The App Review Team looks for things, which are very clearly mentioned and are standardize. The successful Apps at Apple Store must be:

Unique, productive, and entertaining

Improved versions of the existing apps

Having clean, refined, and user-friendly interfaces (UI)

Therefore, one should strive to create a meaningful experience for the users.

The top 9 reasons that lead to rejection of your app at the iPhone App Store

Incomplete Information

Many developers submit their app applications without proper information. Several complex mobile apps require secondary data for Quality Content checks and trials. You should provide the essential information like demo videos, demo accounts, contact information with all the necessary IoT and hardware information.

Bugs & Crashes

An app with bugs and low performance due to crashes faces rejection. Thus, the app should be free from such issues so as to perform without any hassle. Frequent app crashing can lead to the uninstalls, that thus may degrade the overall app pooularity.

 Users’ Privacy & EULAs

It is not an easy task to create Privacy Policies. Developers should hire a lawyer to draw the End-User License Agreements. In order to make app more authenticated and secured,  reliable steps and mechanisms should be implemented so as to drive a larger user base.

Low-Quality User Interface

You must use high-quality UI design throughout the app development. The design should be kept simple with less or no decorative element. In a nutshell, the interfaces should be clean, user-friendly and refined with not more than four choices at a point.

Limited Web Interactions

Apps that provide user engagement and link to other iOS formatted websites are useful for Apple Apps. Thus, the apps need to be engaging and useful for executing the tasks. But avoid using too many links on the app screen as it may confuse the user.


If you plan to use Advertising Identifier (IDFA), however,if in case the app fails on the grounds of functionality and operability, it paves a clear path for app rejection., and the same holds true for the vice-versa.

Not Enough Value

The app should cater to a big market and should serve a meaningful purpose. Otherwise, there stands the chances for rejection. The services that are being delivered should properly justify the app ideation and must adhere with all the quality standards while meeting all the cutomer requirements.

Repetition of Similar Apps

Submitting apps with almost same functionality and tie-ups face rejection. Rather, you should strive to improve the user experience by thinking of the future users too. The solution is to blend all the apps into one, as this will make the app clean and refined. Remember, an easy to use app is admired by all.

Copyright Infringement

The app content should not mention any brand name. You should avoid using any brand name and infringing copyrights of other brands.

While submitting your iphone app carry an assured and thorough proofreading of app description. Remember to run several trials before submission in order to conserve an impressive rating.

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Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution