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Things to Consider When Designing Your App Icon

The app icon is the first thing all potential users see. It is that one, exceptional piece of graphic design the users first communicate with as they see your product. It is, therefore significant to have a prepossessing and easily discernible app icon that finds success in a marketplace.

The design of the icon, in a large way, dictates the triumph of your product. It should be inclusive of all the fascinating features so as to stand out from the rest of the competition. Even if you create the most functional app in the world, a  futile design leads to nothing.

Now the question is, how does one create a competent app icon? Well, there are some essential tips prescribed that will help you gather some astute ideas for creating a striking app icon that will help you outshine your competitors.


Readability is extremely important when it comes to designing an adroit app icon. An clarified icon design should be developed so as to drive maximum user inclination and enable them to comfortably read at a glance. Also, just like everything else, it must be a crucial element of your brand. The icon, however, should not be confused with the company’s logo, as they are two separate identities. Do not nonchalantly add the company’s name or logo in a square, calling it your app icon.

The readability can further be augmented by avoiding any kind of text in the icon. Varying icon sizes and resolutions can make the text indecipherable and as a result, it will only make your design weak.

There is no need to include the name of the app in  icon as it will appear automatically underneath. If you are necessarily keen on adding text, it should be done at the bottom so as to own added space for featuring the icon image.


Simplicity is,  of course, one of the premier ways to make your icon readable. For instance, have a look at the icons of Twitter and Facebook, terribly simply yet commanding tremendous success.

So avoid jamming too many images or colors into your icon. Even if you have decided to employ a plethora of colors and graphics, just understand that the best icons simply concentrate on one concept or element rather than pushing every feature into a tiny space. If the user has to squint to decipher the details of your icon, then you are certainly not accomplishing your goal.

One exception to this rule of focused simplicity is the gaming category, which has numerous renowned apps showcasing cartoon-like graphics in their icons depicting gaming characters and elements. But even while creating these gaming app icons, try to incorporate simplicity.



The challenge is to build an app icon with a completely different design than company’s logo yet resemble its brand. The easiest way to achieve this is by coordinating the colors of the app and  logo as this will certainly help to maintain continuity.

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Also, the consistency must exist between the icon and the app as well. Fundamentally, an exceptional icon is nothing but is certainly a clear representation about the concept of the app.

 Make it Unique

The app stores are a crowded marketplace with countless apps being uploaded every day.So ,only if your app is unique, it can find a standing in this ruthlessly competitive sphere. Hence, endeavor to create eccentric designs with different colors, new and clever metaphors and outlining a  novel theme. Always conduct a detailed research before proceeding for the icon development.

Include Characters

This tip should essentially be taken into consideration while designing gaming icons. Just have a look at the “Mario” game icon. Adding the character really makes the icon easily recognizable. So, while designing a game icon, decide upon your game’s main character and include the same as the face of the icon. This way, the users will have a stronger recall of the game when they witness your app icon.

Test the Icon on your Mobile Device

Once your icon designing is complete, do rounds of testing prior to its mega launch. Check to see how the icon looks visually on both all the known platforms and try to gather advice from third parties. A second or third set of eyes can genuinely do wonders for fine-tuning your design.


When a user thinks of your app, the first thing that generally comes to their mind is the icon. So, instead of considering the icon design as an afterthought, you should see it as a crucial part of your app.

A great icon is sure to draw in more customers and seamless functionality and overall design will keep them coming back for more.

If you search through the app stores, a big percentage of the icons that you witnessed are forgotten instantly.So, if you want to avoid this fate, follow the above mentioned tips and relish the triumph that your hard work deserves.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution