Important tips for Mobile app designs

Important Mobile App Designs Tips

Mobile apps are one of the most powerful tool for gaining easy access to the potential customers.These days there is hardly any business which does not market via an app. Just make sure app design is user-friendly as well as convenient to drive the maximal users and to achive maximal growth rate. It is tremendously important to build a great, functional app with a powerful mobile app interface. A good app is your passport to huge revenues in this present highly competitive world. Developing a innovative and striking mobile app is a key element for success. An ideal mobile app is a delicate blend of sound engineering as well as of creative designing. So, go ahead engage a competent app developer and have a wide array of impressive app designs to charter tour way to success.

Two important aspects crucial for designing an impressive mobile app

  • The User Experience
  • The User Interface

Boost conversion rate by means of stunning mobile app designs

An eye-catching, feature-loaded and aesthetically designed mobile app is fundamental to gaining a maximum response from a large array of users.An appealing app with innovative features and designs will drive customers for the optimum utilization, thus boost up the business to a great extent. A regular and monotonous app design will lead to the fall in profits It is hugely vital to capture the curiosity level of the user.This will ensure continuous association as well as engagement.

Mentioned below are few tips to consider when developing a mobile app:

1. Create an Impressive user interface:

A mobile app with notable and captivating looks is definitely preferred rather than a mobile app which has a complicated text design. A mobile application with an enticing look allures the users and keeps them engaged. So, it is prudent to work with an impressive user interface rather than just offering users something lacks luster and plain.

2 Make intentional use of bright colours and inspirational logos:

A good brand is entirely focused on the relationship which you and your customers have with a specific service or a product. Selecting a vivid and attractive color combination helps to define that relationship in a subtle and effective way. The color scheme has a deep impact on the mind. If you find something attractive you are more likely to visit it again. A more catchy app develops an admirable perception in the user’s strategy that ultimately increments the site visit. And due to above stated reason it is necessary to develop a radiant app with the inculcation of bright and fascinating texts and features.

3 Build consistencies in elements:

It is imperative to maintain consistency both for defining the elements of the mobile app and in their repetition. Incongruity breeds dislike. Haphazardious or something which lacks uniformity is not being easily accepted by the user. Basically, such a thing does not look pleasing to the eye. If there is no consistency followed in app design people find it tough to use the app as they tend to get confused. For example, if one of the buttons says, “subscribe” is in a specific color, say red, then all the buttons should be of that color to enable the user for better usage.

4. Give quick as well as efficient feed-back:

Generally the users expect that their phones should respond back at a fast rate to all interactions. Thus, every interaction must give a proper feedback. If the pace of interaction is slow, the user may shift to another inevitable apps available in the market.

5. Involve Real Users:

It is very beneficial to involve real users as you evaluate the UI design ideas and opinions. The real users will provide you with the most honest feedback.They will bring before you all the right opinions which will help you in building a much superior app. This task should be done at initial stages of development so as to minimize the chances of confusion, connected to the features that which ones to be included and which ones should be rejected. Avoid incorporating complicated features in the app as this will make your mobile app tough to use. Also a complicated app is tough to navigate and because of this, user interest will wane.

6. Adhere to important OS guidelines:

As you formulate the design of user interface for an application, it is essential to adopt multiple user guidelines which are related to the targeted operating system.You can try out innovations with the navigation systems, different touch gestures and interactions. An app will be scrutinized rigidly before it is available at major app stores like Apple Store or Google Play. It is important to read and follow the guidelines which have been given for creating the user interface of an app for each operating system. It is not wise to ignore these guidelines as this will lead to fall in user traffic.

7. Select metaphors carefully

There are few graphical metaphors such as the analog images, TV screens, radio, cameras, etc. with which the younger generation is not technically familiar. Hence, these metaphors need to be avoided completely so that the young generation is not misled.

8. Pay adequate attention to functionality:

The more complex the app, more difficult it becomes for the user to navigate. It is best to break the functionality into a set of related apps, each focusing on the core functionality.It is essential that even the new user can adapt to an app without having to go through the detailed instructions or guidelines to ensure the maximal app acceptance. A simple user interface improves functionality and helps the user to perform variety of tasks using only a few simple steps. It will definitely encourage the user directly to download and return to the app on a regular basis. A complicated app design is shunned by all at it breeds unfamiliarity and disdain.


The world of mobile app development is advancing and growing at an unimaginable pace. Thus, you require a distinctive and intuitive user interface and exceptional design so as to make your app stay ahead of the completion. And once the app design is liked by the users your app without any doubt will become a hit. This will as a result have a positive bearing on your profits. So, these are few of the tips which you should bear in mind in order to have an impressive app design to which maximum number of users get drawn.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution