Several benefits of Zend Framework in PHP Development

Zend Framework is counted among the most popular framework owing to its rich set of features and myriad advantages it offers. Even though it’s difficult to identify particular benefits while referring to frameworks still Zend Framework facilitate an integrated approach towards development that is useful for the programmers in deciding the final result.

Zend addresses many issues through the framework, and also spikes popularity among the community of programmers. It’s necessary to witness the crucial aspects prior to judging a framework.


Zend Framework Development


Developed by the founders of PHP, Zend Framework assures developers of its stability and the robustness that goes into its building process. It lessens the complexity of development for programmers particularly while designing standard modules. The library of classes within the framework enable developers delivers any standard task requiring developer’s vision and solution.

Earlier on, existing codes were used as base for new development as Zend Framework allows developers for editing and correction. Now developers use pre-existing codes as a base to reduce the overall time needed for application development.

What happens mostly is the data model, the UI and logic are separated from one another, this leads to small changes if even a part is changed. Now with clients’ requirements changing repeatedly with regards to the application interface, it becomes complex for developers to comply with current trends in design. However, you can update the UI through the framework and for the same you don’t need a complete overhaul of structure.

The most impressive feature of the Zend Framework is its clear structure and licensing model. A number of IT teams create design solutions, particular software products, content management system working on the features offered by the framework that helps in reducing the overall time frame of new software developments using its many ready-made solutions and attributes.

Many features of Zend Framework for PHP development

  • Used as a component library which can be decoupled as required
  • Provides MVC components to isolate business logic from UI.
  • Implements the front controller pattern.
  • Useful for Web & CLI programming
  • Comprehensive documentation for developing functionality and reference guides
  • Various online forums and communities available
  • Follows industry best practices for quality code development and unit tested using PHP Unit for easy extensibility
  • Easy to install and download the code to library directory
  • Allows web developers to develop interactive web applications cost-effectively with the use of code reusability and in turn reduced time-to-market

Zend Framework is preferred over other frameworks owing to the simplicity of approach during PHP development, this way you can easily perform tests on the code and the users also gets readily-conceived application architecture that stands out especially when most applications are custom-made.

Our solutions allow developers to rev up the PHP Zend development process taking good care that the quality is maintained at all costs.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution