Of course, selecting the backend technology stack is not an easy challenge to combat with. Whether it is for Android or iOS, complicated or uncomplicated; the backend support must be strong enough to protect your overall app integrity.

Coming to the next crucial point, one has to also focus on the cost that will be incurred in using the desired one. Now since each of them comes with their own set of pros and cons, here we will be discussing, the one that must be chosen from the Firebase and Ruby on Rails.

Yes, which one to use and why to use and what are the required project conditions that can be met by these technologies will follow in the post.  Certainly, selecting the suitable one is a tuff call but eventually, we have ample of marketing platforms that will allow us to grab an idea about the technologies that will be dominating in the foreseen times, but probably the brainstorming lies in case, the mobile app experts have to check the stars of the project with that of the desired technology.

In recent times, when the Firebase and its API were launched, a lot of buzzes was created about it, but then after some time, few of its disadvantages were revealed. By the time, its disadvantages began to occupy the market share; few of the giants had already used it for mobile app development.

Giants that used it are:

  • Shazam
  • Alibaba order and delivery mobile app

Now after the implementation of Firebase by these giants, drove ample of iPhone or Android app programmer into the sea of using the former technology. Obviously, why would the giants such as Shazam use it and invest into it for developing its mobile app? Since then, its advantages and disadvantages are continually coming in the way of mobile app developers.

But before we go for discussing it further, find below 2 major points associated with the technology:

  • The Firebase is not related with any kind of backend development but has the database platform stuck to its core.
  • It is not a relational database as well. It is NoSQL database, accompanied by some advantages and disadvantages plus comes with its own set of development architecture and standards.

What is NoSQL database?

Well, it is simply Not SQL.  It is different from the concept of a relational database. As the relational database works with the SQL and uses a query for storing the large data values and for retrieving the data in the form of tables.

While in NoSQL database, queries are not used for storing the data and use some other flexible data models for storing the unstructured data.

Here find out few advantages of Firebase and Ruby on Rails:

  • It consumes less time

Once you have begun to develop the app with the firebase as a backend, the app developers are not required to code for the server side as it is NoSQL database. This helps in saving a lot of time and makes the app development very fluent thus if you are looking for a simple mobile app with limited features with an uncomplicated backend design, selecting firebase is just the right option to invest into.

  • Delivers real-time advantages

Well, this is a very important advantage of the firebase. It allows the mobile app developers to infuse real-time features such as push notifications in the mobile app, thus helping in delivering real-time abilities to a mobile app. It contains plentiful of codelabs that permits the developers for building real time on any of the platforms such as iOS, Android, and Web.

  • Enhanced security

Till the time, the Firebase is being implemented with the Google’s infrastructure; for sure it will provide your project sophisticated safety. However, the security can be multiplied by confining to NoSQL parameters, and by default, all the user and the app data will be stored on the Google server, you just are not required to develop a separate module for controlling and monitoring the data.


Other than the aforementioned advantages of using Firebase, there are some more points that you must know. The pricing structure for this technology is for the one time for developing the backend, but as you go on adding real-time features, the prices keep on escalating.

According to surveys, it contains a lot of hidden charges as well, so preferably, you can even go for selecting ROR for developing your projects. However, prior selecting that, the developers must conduct a research so as to make sure that it goes with their project requirement.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails:

  • Simple to use and understand

ROR is certainly easy to use. It contains many multi-purpose libraries for making the coding easy for the mobile app developers.

  • Enhanced capabilities

Ruby is entailed with loads of open-source elements and parameters that help developers to code for the complex projects.

  • Inbuilt testing standards

The developers can test their developed code on the ruby infrastructure. They can imply various testing techniques for generating the bug-free code.

  • Select any database

Well, Ruby on Rails allows the developers to use any kind of database whether relational or NoSQL. Latest database technologies can be used such as Reddis or any other.

So, the question is: which one to choose Ruby on Rails or Firebase?     

Well, Firebase remains the best choice if you are looking for:

  • A small app with a limited number of features
  • An app which can store a large amount of data
  • An app which will require frequent updates

On a contrary, if you want an app with complicated features and algorithms, Ruby on Rails remains a perfect choice. Depending on the data to be stored and retrieved plus the type of the database required relational or NoSQL, one can choose the desired backend developing technology.