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I have an Idea For An App. What to do Next

A great idea, but don’t know how to go about it. Is that your story?

Great ideas are treasured chattels and therefore, they should be treated fairly well. Through this post, we endeavor to take you through the entire journey of app creation. We have put forward some important tips that will help you in turning your idea into a competent mobile app solution. Let’s begin.


If you have an app idea, prior to anything else, just ask yourself these three significant questions:

  • What is your product all about?
  • Who are you trying to target?
  • Why will your targeted customers buy this product?

Thousands of people come up with innovative mobile app ideas every day, your task is to justify why yours is better than the others. For this, it is vital to address the aforementioned questions before embarking on it.

It is important to know the niche of users you are seeking to target through your product. Knowing about your target users will help you gather in depth insights on their needs and preferences. Also, make sure that the product you are planning to develop captures the statistics for good demand in the market.


Once you have found the answers to the above mentioned stage and are confident to go ahead with the creation, then, here is the first step of your journey- Research, so be ready to proceed with it. Now, in order to execute the step,  you need to collect all in depth information, manage polls and explore the market.

This is an extremely important stage in building of any app. Exhaustive researching is needed in order to make the app more persuadable to the investors. We will give you a few tips about  how you can make your product more realistic and sophisticated.

Don’t be petrified by the thought of entering the already jam-packed app store markets. If the app related to your domain exists , then it certainly implies that there is an already prevailing demand for  the category of app you are developing. You can collect useful insights on the rate of downloads, customer reviews and feedbacks. Such information doesn’t cost a penny, but helps in gathering the most accurate and unbiased results.

Secondly, have an eye on the developments of your competitors and try to learn from their mistakes as well in order to come out with a polished product. See what your competitors are offering and try to add extra value to your own product for making it stand aloud.


So what’s next? After you have performed a deep research, and you have decided to go ahead with your app creation plans, it’s finally the time to get it developed. This is the prime step of your entire journey. In this discussion, we will not go into the intricate details, but will only broadly cover some essential steps that are involved in the development stage.

Let’s begin our discussion by talking about the app features. Just remember, this is the first stage where you will require monetary resources for creating an app. Having an idea and conducting a comprehensive research may not call for any money to be invested, but before getting to this stage of app creation, you should gather the funds that will be required for getting your app idea converted into reality.

Before chalking out the app features you wish to integrate, it is significant to decide on the platform choice. We would advise you to start by building a native app either for iOS or Android. This falls cheaper and much easier. Once your app becomes successful, it is then you should expand and move to other markets. But first, begin your journey with a single platform mobile app.

Now, as far as design is concerned, try to keep it simple and focus on making it inclusive of some unique and vital elements. Gather essential information on the differences in design between two major platforms (iOS and Android) as the specifications for the two are totally different.

One important thing to be borne in mind, is flexibility. I am sure you will have a picture of how your final product will look like but don’t be too rigid. The market is extremely dynamic and ever evolving so,when it comes to ongoing trends, demands, preferences. Go with the flow and be ready to face unpredicted situations.

Monetizing Strategy

This is the first thing that comes to your mind after you have an app idea, making money from the app. So how to make money from your app? What are the different ways to monetize your app?

There are quite a few, ways to do that. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to create a free app or a paid one? If it’s a paid one, what will be the price? A comprehensive exploration of the market will help you in deciding the price for your app. Next; do you plan to sell any products through your app? Also, do you want to display ads in your app? If yes, how would you handle it? How frequent will these ads appear in your app and what kind of ads will they be, videos, banners, posters, or anything else?

The research you have conducted beforehand will help you in answering all these questions. Looking at your competitor apps and the monetization strategy adopted by them will also help you in better formulating your own strategy.


With this stage, your app development is complete and the app is ready to be tossed out into the markets. Whether you are targeting the Apple Store or Google Play, it is crucial to know the best way to release your product. The people should know about your product and should be enticed into downloading it. Here are some ways of conducting your marketing tactics:

  1. Social Media: This is the most effective way of making people aware of your newly released product. Create a buzz about it in the social media and people shall definitely download it.
  2. Websites: You can create a dedicated website that defines the purpose of your app and focuses on its usability and functionality.
  3. Press: This also helps to gather good publicity. Newspapers, Magazines, print media, can be adopted for getting productive results.
  4. Content: Create special articles, infograpics, videos, etc.

All the above listed mediums can definitely help you make your product public for reaching  a larger customer base. Apart from this, you can also run other promotional campaigns.

One thing to note, never think that your job of app creation is done with once you have offered it to the people out there. All apps need constant improvements to keep up with the changing market trends. So, buckle up and, invest some profound efforts if you really think your idea is worth it.

Final Thoughts

So, if after reading this entire piece, you stand by your app idea, go ahead and turn it into a beautiful virtual reality. Hire expert iPhone or android app developers who have good experience in creating competent apps and get it started today.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution