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How to Build a Live Streaming Video App

How many times have you encountered a situation where you wished to have your camcorder by your side so that you could broadcast anything  live there and then? Well, thanks to the rapid progress of mobile phones that you no more need a camcorder for this. Since, there is a mobile app for everything.

The future of live streaming  apps is becoming is thriving at an exponential rate. Apps like Periscope, Instagram, Facebook Live, Steamago and more have made this live video streaming extremely stress-free and a one touch operation.

This concept of live streaming is not new, however, in the current times; it is witnessing a complete upliftment. Gone are the days when live streaming was only a reserve of major app giants like YouTube, Netflix, etc. Now you can also stream live videos on your business web or mobile app by embedding a video file on the page. Today, there are a plethora of mobile apps devoted to streaming live videos that are encompassed with superior HD quality.

Benefits of Having a Live Streaming Video App

A hike in mobile video viewing has significantly contributed to the growth of live streaming apps. Such apps offer the most competent option of establishing a brand name so as to reach out to a large customer base. A plethora of celebrities are using this medium of live videos to interact with their fans, in order to enhance their presence.

Now is the time to embrace this emerging trend of live streaming video apps and so as to stay ahead of the pack. So lets find out  some significant benefits that the business can reap from live streaming:

  • Better Exposure

A live streaming video is not only helpful while exhibiting your products to the target customers, but they also seek to educate the users on how to use those products and make them aware of the many benefits the users can gain from using that particular product. This is the most effective and meaningful platform for  connecting with your audience base as well as it addresses their concerns too.

  • Urgent Offers and Notices

Looking to make some urgent notice or want to showcase a live product launch to your customers? Well, just hit the live streaming video app option and share things on a real time basis  with your customers. Announce heavy discount offers to make your customers rush to your stores and allow them to enjoy a worthwhile buying experience before the offer ends.

  • Tangible Content

Watching a quick and engaging video is far more enticing in comparison to reading a long promotional article. Nobody has the time to invest in going through the long pages of your website. There has to be something more riveting- and a live streamed video is perfect to share some rich tangible content with your audience.

What is so Good about Periscope?

Periscope, a revolutionary app, has successfully capitalized on all the aforementioned factors, by introducing a robust concept of broadcasting through live streamed videos. An acquisition of Twitter, Periscope allows its users to go live anytime, anywhere, helping them to broadcast every move through live videos directly from their IOS and Android devices. The video stays up for 24 hours in which any person who joins the broadcast can view it. After the elapse of the given time, the video gets automatically removed.

Later, you can view your video or use it anywhere again as it robotically gets saved on your mobile device. This essential feature may prove to be extremely accommodating for business enterprises for broadcasting the significant content in regard to their products and services.

The Periscope app is totally productive and easy to use. Your target customers can watch the live videos via Twitter and further post their valuable comments. These comments serve as instant feedback and will help you in comprehending the interest of the customers. In case of any product launch, limited period offers, urgent announcements, this feature of live videos is simply ideal.

How Can You Cash In On Through Live Streaming Video Apps?

  • To endorse a brand new product or service.
  • To notify the users in regard to any improvements or changes incorporated in the existing product.
  • To tutor the users on how to use a particular product or service.
  • To broadcast a live match and the scores on your sports app.
  • To offer any kind of consultation online.
  • To emphasize on a social dispute or a mishap.

Regardless of the niche you are seeking to cater, developing a live streaming video app will definitely do a lot of good to your business.

Now let’s have a look on how to build such an app, address significant queries regarding the actual cost of development and address all the required features that are to be integrated.

What All Elements Need to be integrated for Building a Competent Live Streaming Video App?

All good mobile apps built nowadays include a hub of features such as social login, push notifications, feedback systems, live chat support and comprehensive content. A live streaming video app is no exception to this.

On the other hand, there are some chief elements that are vital to a high-selling video app. Let’s have a look at those elements:

  • Real- time Messaging

Streaming a live video only makes sense if there is an option of securing live feedback from the viewers. Suppose you are launching a new line of clothing and you put a live video of your upcoming collection, instant responses by the viewers regarding how they liked the collection, what all can be improved, etc. will help you gather some valuable insights upon the user choices and preferences.

  • Live Video Broadcasting

Your video app should allow the user to use all camera features such as zoom, flash, front and rear camera. Only then a person will be able to capture the live proceedings.

  • Integration of Messaging Apps

The app should be integrated with latest messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, Bluetooth, etc. so as to allow the users to share the broadcasted video link with their friends and family.

  • GPS Mapping

If a business enterprise wants to showcase their company’s products and services, they should be given an option to target it to a particular geographic area.

  • Category Management

This permits the app owners to select a particular category to which the video belongs.

  • Screen Settings

There should be a list of options that allows the users to customize their video, for instance, adjusting the video quality, resolution, audio quality, option to broadcast the video publicly or to some specific set of people, etc. All such features enhance the app usability.

The Actual Cost of Development

The real cost of developing a live streaming video app hugely depends upon the features incorporated into it. For every mobile app, the development cost covers the app developer’s fee, costs of the workforce involved that includes the manager, analyst, designer and a few others, software and hardware costs including other overheads.

All in all, this cost will range somewhere between $20,000 – $30,000. The variation in cost may be due to the type of features integrated.

Final Thoughts

Live streaming videos are constantly refining the way people interact with iPhone or android apps. So, build a competent live video streaming solution to stay competitive in this ruthless marketplace for reaching your audiences in a more effective manner.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution