benefits of mobile healthcare

How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Health Care Industry

Mobile healthcare is the uprising term in the world of medical disciplines. The technology allows accessing and analyzing information easily about different medical conditions, factors and resources. Among many major benefits, it helps patients with chronic diseases, to talk with their medical consultants seamlessly. It is highly regarded as a system that reminds patients for medication and a way to get expert help in time. With the right amount of technology resources blended together on a real-time digital platform, physicians can monitor and control their cases with mobile-powered features.

All these factors have a great impact on the way medical help is considered or reached. Take for example, in case of a chronic disease like diabetes, patients had to approach doctors regularly and take tests. Then the long waiting for the result followed. This vicious circle of medication used to continue when there was no Mobile Healthcare in place. With the advent of mobile technology in healthcare, diabetic aids are reaching to them directly from their attending specialists. They can now connect devices to their mobile phone to measure and rerecord their blood sugar levels by themselves. There are even phones with inbuilt Gluco Meters. A good example is GlucoPhone. With these devices, the whole process is compressed into one fast, standardized and accurate way of controlling diabetes.

Not just such serious ailments but even the most regular things like daily meal plans and exercises can be looked into with the technology. There are many apps that come together to help you gain advantage from interactive health guides and diet charts. Apart from this, you are also able to get help from fitness trackers. If we move a little above the regulars, you can get advanced devices to measure fine details of body temperatures, respiratory rates, blood pressure, electrocardiography, oxygen levels and even stress levels. Besides, there are even gadgets to measure your blood alcohol levels and detect cigarette smoke and diesel fumes around. Now, that covers almost everything that is responsible to keep you in best of health!

If we look at the benefits from the other end too, these are really valuable. It helps doctors and healthcare professionals to communicate better with their patients. The data is travelled real-time, with accuracy, as these technologies are built on precise instruments and are designed to capture and process exact results. It aids to an array of dynamic actions on being operated remotely and in combination with multiple devices.

Further, both iPhone and Android devices are being supplied by amazing new apps with latest features sourced with rare idea to revolutionize health care mobility. RunKeeper, Instant HeartRate, ObWheel, Medscape and Pedometer are some of the examples to look for. These applications have worked in combination of amazing mobile gadgets and wearable science to drastically change the way medical aids work.

The way new health processes are increasingly being planned and looked for mobile technology, you can see it only growing with time across all layers of medical significance. The idea is to share better health possibilities through the attentive and progressive mobile technology, revolutionizing health care industry to significant marks.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution